7 touch screen panel

7 inch touch screen

  • 7 touch screen
7 touch screen

7 touch screen

  • 7 touch screen panel
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  • 7 inch touch screen panel
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Small size touch screen

Dingtouch can do 1.44-7 Pcap touch screen,special in do customize size touch screen according to your demand.We are highly welcome to customized your own touch screen panel.


1.For structure of touch screen panel we can do Glass+Glass, Glass+film+film, or PMMA +glass, PMMA glass+film+film.Generally, most of many customer will chose cover glass+sensor glass structure,because its very one common structure for small size touchscreen. There are a lot of apply in smart home,handle device,pos machine and so on.Because its price will cheaper than Glass+film+film structure.But some of customer will want to cover glass and also request thinner thickness of total cover glass, and then we will recommend the cover glass+film+film structure.Like some of the handle medical device, they need to be easy to carried when in an emergency condition.so customer will request to do the thinner thickness of the touch panel, and then we will recommend them to choose cover glass+film+film structure for touch screen.However,some customer want to do the PMMA cover lens,because their application need the cover lens not to break easily.They will do the PMMA cover lens+sensor glass. And for the same reason.If you really have strict request of thickness of total touch screen panel, and then the PMMA+film+film structure is your best choice.Anyway, you need to choose the best structure for your project according to your detail application.If you are very confuse,please contact with us directly sales@szdingtouch.com we will according to your demand to give you a suitable and professional structure.

2.About the thickness ,we all can according to your demand to do it

Cover glass: 0.55,0.7,1.1,1.8,2,3,4,5,6mm

Sensor: 0.425,0.55,0.7,1.1,1.8,2,3,4,5,6mm

3.OEM cover glass shape,customized LOGO, silk printing color,make transparent hole,real hole and so on.

4.Anti glare, Anti reflection,Anti finger,Waterproof touch,Gloves touch and so on.

5.I2C,USB,RS232 Interface available

6.Chip on the flexible cable, Chip on the controller board solution available.

7.ILITEK,EETI,GOODIX,FOCALTECH,SILEAD touch controller and so on

Why choose Dingtouch?

We are Pcap touchscreen manufacturer who have more than 10 years industry experience.We produce Pcap touch screen/sensor glass/sensor film/,highly welcome to customized your pcap touch screen. Whats more ,Our sales Our and engineering teams have at least 5 years of work experience in the touch screen field. So please trust us ,we will give you the suitable solution for your every project.And Our pcap touch screen panel mainly apply in industry control systems,medical device, vending machine,automation ,POS machine and so on.So If you have any project need to customized touch screen panel. Come on! Contact us!sales@szdingtouch.com