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How to buy a customized touch screen

In present period,with the advancement of science and technology ,many of our electronics products need to develop in the direction of intelligence. A few years ago, they were all buttons in the form of devices,and then the resistive touchscreen replaced the buttons,and now there is a capacitive touch screen panel for many device. And a few product will use standard touch screen. But in fact, most of Pcap touch screen panel need to be customized. Many customers also will choose to customized touch screen panel according to their requirement.Because almost every enclosure is different.They need to according to their enclosure to design the Pcap touch screen panel.

So how to buy touch screen according to your requirement?Whats the requirement do customers provide to us when you want to customized touch screen panel?

Firstly,You need confirm the tft LCD display at first.Some people will ask why the lcd display must be confirmed at first?Let me explain it more clearly.If you confirmed the touch screen panel at first, and then to find suitable lcd display. As we all know,most of lcd display is standard.Unless it is a very large enterprise or project that need a customized display. Most people will use standard one. Because the cost of customizing a display will be very expensive,almost reaching several million RMB.So in order to save the cost of customizing a display ,you need to select one suitable tft lcd display.

Secondly, then you need to provide drawing including Outline dimension , active area,radius of four corner,flexible cable length and location,thickness of cover glass and total thickness of touchscreen,silk printing color of cover glass. What;s more, you need to let us know ,whats structure do you need, Glass+glass or Glass+film+film? whats interface of touch panel do you need, i2c or usb ? If you can provide these information ,we can give you a very precise quotation.

Thirdly,If you need special function with touchscreen, you also need to let us know. Like Anti glare ,Anti resistive,Anti finger,Gloves touch, waterproof and so on. Because of different production application will be used different function for touch screen panel.

Finally, it will better let us know your product application and annual consumption.We will according to the these detail information to give you some suggestion for your project.For example,some customers product application is in outdoor.As we all know, sometimes the sun is very dazzling when you are outdoor, and the touchscreen will be very dark. So that there is no way to see the information clearly. If so, we will suggest do Anti glare on touch screen.The transparency of touch screen panel is changed, and the refraction of light is that you can see the information very clearly.Therefore, if we can know whats your product application, we all will give you some suggestion for your project.i think it will very good for your project.What do you think?This is the process of how to customized touch screen panel.

customized touch screen solution

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