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Recently, we have a customer to inquire whether we can make a Multi Pcap Touch Screen with GFF structure. Then the answer is yes. We are capacitive touch screens that can do GFF structural solutions. Although the touch screen solution used by most customers now is Glass+Glass. But there are also some customers who need to make GFF plans. So today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the GFF structure.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using GFF Structure For Multi Pcap Touch Screen

The Cost Of Multi Pcap Touch Screen

First of all, if the cost is considered, the cost of GFF is definitely more expensive than the cost of GG structure. why? Because GFF is a double-layer Flim structure, the material cost is more than that of GG. So if you need a cost-effective solution. The G+G Multi Pcap Touch Screen is indeed a good choice.

multi pcap touch screen

The Thickness Of The Touch screen

The second is the thickness of the touch screen. Some customers require relatively thin touch screens. Then the structure of this GFF has great advantages. Because the thickness it can achieve is thinner than the thickness of the glass structure. Like many handheld devices, customers require lighter weight. Therefore, in general applications similar to this kind of product, we will recommend the use of GFF structure. Its weight is lighter than that of GG.

Product Application Of touch Screen

The GFF structure scheme is not very suitable for use in high-temperature application environments. Because after all, it is a two-layer film laminated together. If used in a high temperature environment for a long time, it will expand and contract with heat. Causes adverse effects on the touch screen. And if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, the film will gradually turn yellow.

So how to choose the structure of the touch screen. This has to be based on the temperature and application environment of the product application field. It is very important to judge the specific situation and each has its own advantages and choose the right one.

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