The Anti Interference Problem Of Multi Pcap Touchscreen

Anti Interference Problem Of multi pcap touchscreen

With the obvious improvement of our daily life, there are many electronic products around us. As far as we know, the anti-interference problem of multi pcap touchscreen is a very difficult problem for multi pcap touchscreen manufacturers today. The anti-interference of the capacitive touch screen is one of the functional requirements of the touch screen. If the anti-interference is weak, it will affect the switchboard's touch screen effect. For example, the external infulences will effect touch screen have such problem: touch failures, inaccurate problems.

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Analyze The Cause Of Interference

First, you need to understand the structure of the capacitive touch screen and the principle of the capacitive touch screen. Then look for the anti-interference reason of the capacitive touch screen. What are the general effects? The anti-interference problems of capacitive touch screens are mainly manifested as: screen jumping, inaccurate touch, or complete failure. So first of all distinguish whether there is an external factor influence? For example, the switching power supply is not plugged in immediately, the data signal is weak, and the wireless antenna data signal is not strong. This is all commonly used. Just need to check whether there is the above situation, and adjust it.

How To Solve The Anti-interference Of multi pcap touchscreen

So when designing the capacitive touch screen, we must deal with the problem of anti-interference. You must ensure the following adjustments. First, increase the virtual trace in the blank area on the touch screen control panel, that is, add the trace outside the indicated area. And  we make the virtual route that to promote connect to each other to produce a virtual route. Secondly, the virtual route is connected to a part of the grounding device of the touch chip to shield the power circuit. This design solves the influence of temperature, environmental humidity, natural environmental electrostatic field, return light and other factors on the capacitive sensor touch screen. And low cost, high efficiency.

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