How are touchscreen manufactured

How are touchscreen manufactured

Nowadays, Pcap touchscreen has already been used various application,such as touchscreen thermostat,self touch kiosk,touchscreen vending machine,coffee machine,smart home,kitchen appliances,industrial control,medical device and so on. It is also proved that a lot of projects need to the touchscreen panel.Its not easy to find a stable supply touchscreen manufacturer. Dingtouch as for professional touchscreen manufacturer in China, which have over 10 years+ touch screen experiences.We can do 1.5-65inch pcap touchscreen, and highly welcome to customized your touch screen panel.However,We can give you suitable solution,high quality product ,stable supply and best service. In the past years, we have many foreign customers will visit our factory in almost every month. Because we all know that if the customer can visit the touch screen factory with their own eyes to see how are manufacturer produced the touchscreen, as well as aspects of the company ,it is very important to whether to cooperate with touchscreen manufacturer in the future.However ,due to COVID,starting from 2020,many foreign customers will not come to China to visit factories.But if they want to see the process of producing touchscreen,how to do it?Today, let me show you the a series of how are touchscreen manufactured.

First of all, we need to know the structure of touchscreen panel.We can do around 1.5-65 inch pcap touch panel screen.Like the 1.5-15.6 inch touchscreen, we can do the cover glass +sensor glass and cover glass +film +film ,PMMA cover lens + sensor glass, PMMA cover lens + film+film structure. Up to 15.6 inch capacitive touchscreen,most we do cover glass+sensor glass structure. For a capacitive touchscreen panel, there also have flexible cable , touch chip , touch controller board or some other electronics components.All right, we know well the structure,and then let us get start to see how are capacitive touchscreen manufactured.

1. We will buy the ITO glass from the glass material and check the quality of ITO glass is good or not?If no, we will send back to the material supplier. If yes, we will go into next step.

2. We have one line clean machine for cleaning ITO glass after we purchase the glass material.So the second step are to clean the ITO glass.We all know that in the production of touch screens, it is necessary to work in a dust-free workshop for a level of tens of millions or more. Because in the production process, there can be no dust or impurities. If a touchscreen contains dust or impurities , Then this touchscreen is a defective product.So we will arrange to clean ITO glass at least three times to ensure no dust or impurities.

3. After cleaning, we will have a professional staff to check whether there are dust and impurities on each piece of ITO glass. If there is, then he will select it and wash it again.We will very strictly to check every piece of ITO glass.

4. We will make a mold according to the circuit design of each touchscreen panel, and then let professional colleagues adjust the printing machine.Some of these touchscreen manufacturer can not design the touch screen.But Dingtouch can do it.Because we have more than 5 years+ seniors will according to your solution to design your touchscreen panel.

5. Printing protective blue glue.Why need to print this blue glue?There have two functions: firstly,it can protect the conductive area.Secondly,it can protect from dust entering this conductive area.Also we need to print double side blue glue on the ITO glass.

6. After printing protective blue glue,and then these ITO glass need to be sent into a high temperature oven for drying

7. Next step is laser etching.We have the laser etching machine.they manly lasers the conductive area of the silver paste just printed into a line and a line.After finished the laser etching, our professional staff will check each piece touchscreen panel line.If the line is not very clearly, they will manually patch the lines under the microscope magnification.

About the 2-7 steps,Known as the front end of the production of touchscreens.This is our advantage,because we will produce by ourselves.Some of these supplier cant produce it by themselves.They will buy from us and bonding the cover glass together to sell into their customers.

8. Our staff will check the quality is every piece touchscreen good or not? If yes, and then will go into next step ITO glass panel curved cutting.There have two way of cutting, laser cutting and straight cut.We will according to the touch panels size and structure to use the cutting way.

9. After being cut into pieces,Our staff will test the quality and appearance is good or not.If no, we will make product analysis and then repair it.If yes,and then will go into next step.

10. We will buy FPC (including the touch chip and other components) from the material supplier.We have professional staff are responsible for checking the quality.

11. Ensure every piece of FPC is good and then will go into FPC bonding. It is bonded by machine not human.

12. Next to the bonding FPC, this is a dedicated staff who is responsible for FPC glue fixing.

13. We will buy the cover lens from material supplier.We will also wipe and check the appearance of cover lens.And then we will send the cover glass and ITO glass bonding with FPC into million level dusts frees workshop to fit together.

14. Finished cover glass and ITO glass fit together,we will send the touchscreen to Vacuum degassing machine to defaming

15. After finished,our QA will check the touch screen quality

16. Some customer will ask to add double side tape back of cover will stick touchscreen with their case more firmly.If have required the double side tape and then our staff will add double size tape back on the cover glass

17. After to add the accessories,our staff will check the final touch screen quality,test every piece of touch screen is work

18. The finial step is package.we have professional package person according to different size touch screen to pack perfectly and then delivery to every customers.

Thats all the process of how are touchscreen manufactured.I hope this article can help you know more clearly the process of touchscreen producing..Whats more, it can help you how to find a professional and stable touchscreen manufacturer. Dingtouch as a Pcap touchscreen manufacturer who have more than 10 years industry experience.We produce Pcap touchscreen/sensor glass/sensor film/,highly welcome to customized your pcap touchscreen. Whats more ,Our sales Our and engineering teams have at least 5 years of work experience in the touchscreen field. So please trust us ,we will give you the suitable solution for your every project.And Our pcap touchscreen panel mainly applies in industry control systems,medical device, vending machine,automation ,POS machine and so on.So If you have any project need to customized touchscreen panel. Come on! Contact us!


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