Optical Bonding Touch Screen Waterproof And Dustproof

Outdoor Touch Screen Chooses Optical Bonding

Now many outdoor equipment will choose full fit. Because the Optical bonding  touch screen uses OCA technology to fit. If it is used outdoors or in a humid environment. Display touch full fit is a good choice. There is no gap between the display and the touch screen, so water and dust play a preventive role.

Fully fit touch screen can prevent dust

The Optical bonding  touch screen is not only waterproof and dustproof. The refraction of the lamp including the display screen will not radiate to the outside to enhance the brightness and fullness of the display. So we sometimes see why the brightness or color of some screens are very different. One is the resolution of the display screen, and the other is related to the bonding process of the display touch screen.

Optical Bonding Touch Screen

Therefore, it is important to understand the process before making the product. One is to prevent manufacturers from pitting prices, and the other is product quality. But like a touch screen, you generally don't dare to cut corners. As long as cutting corners and materials, many problems will arise. It is basically difficult for manufacturers to bear this kind of risk.

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