Touchscreen For Smart Express Terminal

Nowadays, touchscreen for smart express terminal have increasingly apply in our life. You may also feel the convenience brought to you by the smart express cabinet. The smart express terminal is a smart locker based on the Internet of Things. Be able to identify, temporarily store, monitor and manage shipments. Together with the embedded touch screen, it forms an intelligent express terminal system. Realize the unified management of each drop box (such as drop box information, express mail information, user information, etc.). And integrate and analyze all kinds of information.

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The function of the embedded touch screen is to organize the express information collected by the smart express terminal. Update data on the network in real time. Respectively for recipients, couriers and system administrators to perform express mail inquiry, dispatch express mail, and maintain terminal operations.


What Is touchscreen For smart Express Terminal?

The touchscreen for smart express terminal is based on embedded technology and collects data through sensors such as RFID and cameras. Then transfer the collected data to the controller for processing. Then realize the operation of the entire terminal through various sensors. Including SMS reminders, RFID identification, camera monitoring, etc. In the smart express terminal system, the embedded touch screen is its core hardware. Need to maintain normal operation for a long time without interruption. And can process the collected data in time, which requires high performance.


How To Use ?

After the courier delivers the courier to the designated address, he only needs to deposit the courier in the courier cabinet. The system will automatically send a text message to the recipient. Including pickup information and password. Recipients self-service pick-ups through passwords, QR code scanning, etc. At the same time,it will inform the courier company, the sender has picked up information and other information. The smart express terminal can also realize the delivery function. After the user delivers the express, the express company immediately receives the express information and freely arranges the courier to pick it up. Not only can it reduce the operating cost of the express company. But also provide users with convenience for sending and picking up packages.

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