From 260,000 To 2.8 Billion Express Delivery, How Smart Touch Screens Terminals Can Speed Up Smart Logistics?

Require Smart Touch Screens Terminals

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the development of this year's e-commerce shopping   crazy outbreak. E-commerce festivals such as "618" have entered their 11th year, and sales performance has continued to hit new highs. From 260,000 express in 2009 to 2.8 billion express in 2020. The annual surge in online transactions also places higher demands on logistics efficiency. The logistics industry can no longer rely solely on traditional manpower models to sort and process packages one by one So smart touch screens logistics using technological means have emerged as the times require.

Quickly Delivery

The logistics industry began to use electronic face sheets. Since then, express delivery information does not need to be manually entered, read, and sorted one by one. Instead, quickly identify the information of each courier by scanning the face-to-face information on the courier. According to relevant data, more than 1.3 million parcels were generated during the 2014 e-commerce festival. In the past, it took 7 or 8 days to complete the delivery. Now we can it delivere in 5 days. By 2020, the proportion of next-day express delivery will reach more than 90%.

Became More Automation

For modern logistics companies, informatization, digitization, and automation have become the key directions for their development of smart logistics. In addition to improving efficiency, it can also reduce labor costs. According to reports, under the logistics cost, the transportation cost actually only accounts for half. According to data released by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing. In 2018, management expenses and warehousing expenses accounted for 48% of total logistics costs. Therefore, the logistics industry is also actively using various smart touch screen terminals for production management, warehouse management and logistics management to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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