The Difference Between Man-machine Interface And Touch Screens CTP?

In normal life, we often come into contact with touch screens. Many people will think of the human-machine interface as a Touch Screens CTP. Strictly speaking, there is a fundamental difference between the two.

The Difference Between Touch Screens CTP And Man-machine Interface

"Touch screen" is only the part of the hardware. And you also can use it in human-machine interface products. It is an input device that replaces part of the mouse and keyboard functions and is installed in the front of the display screen. Also The human-machine interface product is a human-computer interaction device that includes hardware and software. In the industry, people often refer to man-machine interface products with touch input functions as "touch screens." But this is unscientific. Touch screen is a popular name for "human-machine interface with touch function"! The real touch screen is "a piece of transparent glass that can be touched and operated by hand"! However,it can be used to replace the mouse to modify the knowledge of the human-machine interface.

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HMI   Human-Machine

1.Definition Of Human-machine Interface Products:

Connect programmable logic controller (PLC), frequency converter, DC speed controller, instrument and other industrial control equipment. Use the display screen to write working parameters or input operating commands through the input unit (such as touch screen, keyboard, mouse, etc.). The digital equipment that realizes the information interaction between human and machine is composed of hardware and software. Moreover, HMI is the abbreviation of Human-Machine Interface in English.

2.The Composition And Working Principle Of human-machine interface (HMI) products.

Human-machine interface products are composed of two parts: hardware and software. The hardware part includes processor, display unit, input unit, communication interface, data storage unit, etc. The performance of the processor determines the performance of HMI products. Also it is the core unit of HMI. According to the different HMI product grades, the processor can choose 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit processors. We can divide the HMI software into two parts. That is, the system software running in the HMI hardware and the screen configuration software (such as JB-HMI screen configuration software) running under the PC Windows operating system. All users must first use HMI screen configuration software to make "project files". Then through the serial communication port of the PC and HMI products. Download the compiled "project file" to the HMI processor to run.

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