Why Choose Capacitive Touch Screen CTP? What Are Its Characteristics?

Among so many types of touch screens. Why do so many people prefer capacitive touch screen CTP? Compared with other touch screens, what are the characteristics of this touch screen? What are the advantages? Let's take a look at it below.

Absolute Position Of capacitive touch screen CTP

Capacitive touch screens are very common in our lives. But in many cases, we are inseparable from this kind of touch screen. Of course, people like to use the capacitive touch screen so much because of its superior conditions. The so-called capacitive touch screen is actually a transparent relative positioning system. First of all, it must be transparent. The achievement of transparency is solved by the process of material technology. Then it can give the relative coordinates of the finger touch. Then the mouse belongs to the relative positioning system. The characteristic of the coordinate system is that the coordinates of each positioning have nothing to do with the coordinates of the last positioning. The touch screen is physically an independent coordinate positioning system. The position of each touch is converted to coordinates on the screen.

The Essence Of Touch Screen CTP

The essence of a touch screen is a sensor. When the user touches the touch screen of the device on the display with a finger or other object. The coordinates of the touched position are detected by the touch screen controller. And the process communication interface is (for example, S-232C or RS-485 serial port) to transmit touch information to PLC. So as to get the input information. For example, the capacitive touch screen coffee table produced by Manwei Culture. The touch is highly sensitive and supports simultaneous operation by 4-12 people. It is suitable for wide application in catering, cinemas, office buildings, leisure clubs, coffee shops, beauty clubs, KTV, bars and many other fields.

touch screen CTP

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