Touch Screen Manufacturers Briefly Describe The Shortcomings Of Capacitive Touch Screens PCAP

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. We must correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of objects. Today touch screen manufacturers come to learn about the shortcomings of Capacitive Touch Screens PCAP with everyone, as follows:

The Accuracy Is Not High.

Due to technical reasons, the accuracy of capacitive touch screens is still lacking compared to resistive touch screens. Moreover, only fingers can be used for input. And it is difficult to recognize more complicated handwriting input on a small screen.

Capacitive Touch Screens PCAP

Capacitive Touch Screens PCAP Easily Affected By The Environment.

When environmental factors such as temperature and humidity change, it will also cause instability or even drift of the capacitive touch screen. For example, if the user moves his body close to the screen while using it, it may cause drift, and even operation in a crowded crowd may cause drift. This is mainly due to the working principle of the capacitive touch screen technology. Although the user's finger is closer to the screen. There are many electric fields that are much larger than the finger near the screen, which will affect the judgment of the touch position.

The Cost Of Capacitive Touch Screens PCAP Is High.

In addition, the current capacitive touch screen still has certain technical difficulties in the step of attaching the touch panel to the LCD panel. And the yield rate is not high. So the cost of the capacitive touch screen is also increased invisibly.

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