What's The Design Process Of Touch Screen Overlay Kit Man-machine Interface

The Design Process Of Touch Screen Overlay Kit Man-machine Interface :

Today we will talk about the design process of touch screen overlay kit man-machine interface.

1) Create An External Model Design Of The System Function

The model mainly considers the data structure, overall structure and process description of the software. Human-machine interface design is generally only used as an accessory. Only understand the user's situation (including age, gender, psychological condition, education level, personality, ethnic background, etc.). In order to design an effective man-machine interface; design the user model according to the terminal user's hypothesis of the future system (referred to as the system hypothesis).

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Finally, make it consistent with the system image (system's external characteristics) obtained after the system is implemented. Only just have some of  user very satisfied with the system and can able to use it effectively.  The information given by the system should be fully considered when building the user model. The system image must accurately reflect the grammatical and semantic information of the system. In short, only by understanding the user and understanding and then can design the task with a good man-machine interface.

2) Determine To Complete This System Function

The tasks that humans and computers should complete separately. There are two approaches to task analysis: one is to proceed from reality. Through the analysis of the original manual or semi-manual application system. Map it to a set of similar tasks performed on the man-machine interface.

The other is to derive a set of user tasks that are coordinated with the user model and system hypothesis by studying the requirements and specifications of the system. Techniques such as gradual refinement and object-oriented analysis are also suitable for task analysis. The gradual refinement technique can continuously divide the task into sub-tasks. Until the requirements of each task are very clear. The use of object-oriented analysis technology can identify all objective objects related to the application and the actions associated with the objects.

3) Consider The Typical Problems In The Design Of Man-machine Interface.

Design any man-machine interface. Generally, there must have consider four aspects : system response time, user assistance mechanism, error and warning information, and command mode. Excessive system response time is the most complained problem among users in interactive systems. In addition to the absolute length of response time. Users are also very concerned about the difference in response time of different commands.

If the disparity is too large, it will be difficult for users to accept. There need to integrate the user's help-seeking mechanism. Avoid stacking systems that cause users to ask for a guide and have to browse a lot of irrelevant information. There must have describe errors and warnings in terms that are clear to the user and have accurate meaning. At the same time, some suggestions on error recovery should be provided as much as possible. When there display the error message, if  aduitory (ringing ) is supplement  and visual (special color) stimuli. The effect is better; the command mode is best to coexist menu and keyboard commands for users to choose.

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