Transparent Touch screen Man-machine Interface Style

Transparent Touch screen Man-machine Interface Style

Today we will talk about the touch screen man-machine interface style. The style of man-machine interface refers to the method of controlling input on the user interface of a computer system. The style of the touch screen man-machine interface has undergone the following 4 generations of evolution:

1) Command Language

Before the advent of graphics display, mouse, high-speed workstation and other technologies, the only feasible way of man-machine interface could be command and query. The communication was completed in the form of text and through user commands and the user's response to system queries. This method is flexible to use, convenient for users to display their creativity, and has high work efficiency for skilled users, but for general users, it is demanding, error-prone, difficult to learn, and has weak error handling capabilities.

2) Menu Options

Compared with the command line method, this method is less error-prone, can greatly shorten the training time of the user, reduce the number of keystrokes of the user, can use the dialog management tool, and it can sinificantly improve the error handling ability. However, it is still tedious to use. There may be too many menu levels and complicated menu options. The selection must be made level by level, and the interaction speed is too slow.

3) Point-and-click Interface Facing The Window

This type of interface is also call WIMP interface, that is, windows (Windows), icons (I-cons), menus (Menus), and indicators (Pointing Device) form a desktop (Desktop). This method can display different types of information at the same time, so that the user can switch between several work environments without losing the connection between several tasks. The user can easily perform control and dialogue tasks through the drop-down menu, and introduce icons, Button and scroll bar technology greatly reduces keyboard input, and undoubtedly improves the interaction efficiency for users who are not proficient in typing.

4) Use Of Natural Language

Natural language communicates with application software, and combines the third-generation interface technology with hypertext and multi-task concepts, allowing users to perform multiple tasks at the same time (from the user's point of view). With the further development of text, graphics, voice recognition and input technology. And the further development of multimedia technology in the field of human-machine interface development. Natural language-style human-machine interfaces will develop rapidly and eventually become practical.

Transprent Touch Screen Human-machine Interface Design Goals

The goal that human-machine interface design needs to achieve is not just a single command and feedback, but rather complex, there have four aspects:

1) Give full play to the functions of the computer itself.
2) Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the computer.
3) Ensure that the computer or system in use is user-friendly, more economical and safer, and prolongs the use cycle.
4) Meet the user's physical and psychological needs and improve user satisfaction.

Carefully reviewing the aforementioned definitions and goals, we can find that there is a vague area between the two. If it is a general IT technology, the input and output are absolute. The human-machine interface is between the user and the computer. But there is no standard response model. In terms of the most important visual aspect, the signal presented by the computer on the interface allows people to see the signal correctly, but the meaning of this signal, the viewer needs to rely on his personal experience, knowledge and the surrounding environment to explain all the signals. The image seen.


In other words, no matter how well-designed computer system is. If it does not take into account the needs of the user, it is often classified as a failed human-machine interface. For example, an engineering computer that displays many mathematical symbols is used by people who have just learned basic operations. The originally well-designed function has become an obstacle for people to find the correct number. As a result, its calculation speed is not as good as an ordinary computer. Therefore, the design of the man-machine interface obviously cannot be conceived only from the function of the computer.

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