What's benefit of touch screen for Self-service terminals?

touch screen for Self-service terminals

Now more and more touch screens have been used in self-service touch screen terminals. What benefits will it bring us? Let us talk today.

Self-service touch screen terminals can bring more revenue

Exclusive orders, value combinations, special packages, coupons, buy one get one free-these promotional methods can make customers happy to add more orders. Through the collection and processing of the data model of the self-service touch screen kiosk, these promotions are more convenient to present and use. In addition, its intelligent recommendation function can also be pushed according to customer preferences. Data shows that when consumers place an order through a self-service touch screen kiosk, the amount of a single order will increase by 30%, greatly increasing the per-customer unit price of the customer. The use of self-service touch screen terminal equipment ensures the consistency of brand store services and increases the possibility for customers to apply for membership, thereby increasing the repurchase rate.

Self-service touch screen terminals can save time

Time is money. The self-service touch screen terminal makes the entire order and payment process faster, and customers can complete the series of steps of selection, customization and payment at one time. After the order was placed, the back kitchen immediately received it and began to prepare the ingredients, without human factors intervening to affect the efficiency. Save a few minutes for each order, which adds up to a lot of time. Statistics show that restaurants can save 40% of the total meal time through the self-service touch screen ordering machine, which improves the customer's consumption experience while increasing the store turnover rate.

Self-service touch screen terminals improve accuracy

The wrong dishes are one of the most common phenomena in restaurants. The in-store self-service touch screen ordering machine can effectively avoid mistakes such as wrong dishes, missed dishes, and cashier errors. In addition, the visual presentation of the dishes on the self-service ordering machine also plays an important role in the accuracy of customers' ordering. Real pictures and text descriptions of meals help customers to be more clear about their needs, thereby improving customer satisfaction and consumption experience, while also preventing excessive food waste.

Self-service touch screen terminals improve employee efficiency

The self-service touch screen ordering machine is simple and easy to use, and does not require personnel guidance. Compared with traditional restaurants, the reception work of the clerk is greatly reduced, and it can focus more on in-store marketing and provide better customer service. Employees' work efficiency and productivity have been greatly improved, and they are more flexible when dealing with other important or urgent tasks.

Self-service touch screen terminals ensure safe contact

In the current epidemic, safety comes first. How to ensure safe access to the open environment in offline restaurants is a serious challenge, especially important for customers, employees, and the company's brand. By avoiding face-to-face communication during ordering and cash registering, the safety of the restaurant is effectively improved. Although the touch screen surface of the self-service touch screen kiosk is frequently clicked, the self-service equipment is easy to clean and disinfect, and can be used with peace of mind.

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