New 21.5” Medical-Grade Touch Screen Ideal for O.R. and Medical Carts

21.5” Medical-Grade Touch Screen 

Dingtouch, a leading and professional manufacturer of Medical and industrial grade touch screen panel.Today, let us talk about the 21.5 inch medical grade touch screen.Nowadays,there are also many medical devices that use capacitive touch screens.So what are the main requirements for medical touch screens?

We have done many medical projects that use touch screens. Generally speaking, the chip scheme of the touch screen is very important. Because we all know that medical equipment needs to pass strict tests and various certificates before it can be officially used in hospitals. Therefore, it is necessary to use a very high-end touch screen chip solution to ensure that the product quality can be approved. If it is a 21.5-inch medical grade touch screen, we would recommend the EETI solution. Because EETI's chips are generally used in high-end products, the touch effect is very good, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. Generally, it can be used for 4-6 years without problems.

If it is used in medical surgery, it may need to support glove touch and touch with water. These  all can be customized. Then our recommended EETI touch solution can also support these functions. We would also recommend applying another layer of anti-glare treatment on the surface of the cover glass, because the operating room has strong lighting. If the anti-glare treatment is not done, you may not be able to see the information on the touch screen. So we would recommend anti-glare treatment.

Dingtouch is a leading supplier of capacitive touch screens, providing a variety of customizable industrial-grade capacitive touch screens. We also provide waterproof outdoor touch screens, medical touch screens, panel-mounted touch screens and so on. All can be customized according to your requirements, and can support USB/I2C/RS232 interface. Can support Windows, Andriod, Linux systems. Can support 10-point touch screen. The largest size we can make is a 65-inch touch screen. You are welcome to ask for a custom touch screen.


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