Do you need to customized touch screen

What is a touch screen?

The touch screen is a touch panel that can be controlled by a stylus/pen or one or more fingers, using single-point or multi-point touch gestures. The touch screen allows people to use their fingers to interact directly with the content of the display instead of using a mouse, touchpad or other devices to click on the content.


Touch screens were originally designed for industrial applications and are now ubiquitous from warehouse inventory control to restaurant order entry. We increasingly see that touch screens adapt to our personal lives, such as smart homes, medical equipment, POS machines, vehicles, self-service vending machines, etc.


The touch screen provides a good method through which we can use nested programs in electronic devices. We are no longer limited to the limited number of discrete buttons on traditional membrane switches. By combining the touch screen with a high-resolution digital display and nested programming, we can provide millions of switch options with the touch of a finger.


Dingtouch provides custom-designed and standard-sized capacitive touch screens, which can be integrated into full-featured user interface components with various components and input technologies. We use high-quality raw materials for all touch screens, which are in line with CE and RoHS standards. All the quality is guaranteed and the supply is stable.


Let Dingtouch integrate your touch screen into a custom user interface

Our core competitiveness is to customize the capacitive touch screen for you, so that the customized touch screen can be more fit to your equipment. We have very mature experience in customizing touch screens. We will listen carefully to your specific requirements for touch screens. If you want, Dingtouch we can also provide you with a professional and suitable touch screen solution to match your project.


Dingtouch's advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to successfully purchase and complete the customized touch screen required for your project. The result is that you work with a reliable partner, saving you valuable time and money, while reducing time to market.


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