What are the precautions when using the touch LCD screen?

What are the precautions when using the touch LCD screen?

Nowadays, more and more capacitive devices for human-computer interaction are used in our lives. Sometimes we encounter some individual customer feedback that they are broken when using the touch screen LCD display. So how to use the touch LCD screen correctly? What problems should be paid attention to in the process of use to reduce the damage rate?

Pay attention to the following matters when using the touch LCD screen:

  1. The touch LCD screen is made of glass, please wear gloves/finger cots when assembling, otherwise it will leave a lot of fingerprints.

  2. The touch LCD screen part is glass fragile, do not apply strong impact to the LCD screen during assembly, otherwise it will easily break.

  3. Avoid directly picking up the lead wire and touching the LCD screen, and avoid pulling the lead wire. We all know that FPC is relatively easy to break, if you pull it hard, it may be damaged, so that the entire touch LCD screen will be not working.

  4. Any part of the lead wire is not allowed to be folded in half.

  5. When assembling, the lead wire must be inserted horizontally, and cannot be inserted in half at the root of the reinforcing plate.

  6. When picking and placing the product, you need to operate a single product, handle it gently, and avoid the products from colliding with each other and scratching the product surface.

  7. When cleaning the surface of the product, please wipe with a soft cloth (deerskin) dipped in petroleum ether to avoid scratches

  8. During the wiping process, do not use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the surface of the touch LCD screen

  9. Do not stack touch LCD screens, use tray trays.

  10. In the assembly design and frame design, please pay attention to the following:

  1. The pillar that fixes the frame of the touch LCD must be outside the visible area of the touch LCD.

  2. The frame edge must be outside the operation area of the touch LCD screen, and the frame edge must not have pressure action from the visible area to the operation area.

  3. It is recommended that the fixed touch screen material is plastic material, and the front part of the LCD screen is covered with soft material.

  4. Do not use corrosive glue on the surface of the touch LCD screen.

Usually pay attention to the above matters. When using the LCD screen with touch control, follow the above requirements to minimize damage.


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