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Why you should use A grade touch screen panel?

The arrival of the touch screen panel has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. In the past, many devices were controlled by buttons, but now some devices are slowly being replaced with touch screens. It brings a different experience to our consumers and makes touch ubiquitous. With just one click, you can search for what you want, which is very convenient.

Customize Everything of Your Capacitive touch screen

We can provide you with exactly what you need to make your capacitive touch screen.That includes customize dimension,we can according to your dimension to do it.Or you can give us your cover glass outline dimension and viewing area,our engineer can give you a design of touch panel.About the interface, we can do the I2C and USB interface.So you can let us know which one do you need?And then we can give you some suggest of touch chip.Whats more ,we can do Anti glare, Anti finger, Anti reflection.If your project need these coating, we also can do it.If your project application need water proof or gloves touch,we also can do it.As long as you let us know your detail requirement and then our engineer will give you the best suggestion for your project.

Want to Use Your Own TFT LCD? No Problem

We are mainly do capacitive touch screen.Like the small size ,we can provide capacitive touch screen assembly tft lcd display,it mean that we can provide touch screen display.But we dont produce the TFT LCD display,we just have tft lcd screen partner.So sometime some customer will have their own tft lcd supplier,this is ok for us.We can provide only capacitive touch screen panel, and your tft lcd supplier provide you the tft lcd screen. And then you can assembly in your local.All your needs will be accepted. Our professional team will connect with you to inquire about the specific situation of the project. Although we are confident, we can provide you with everything necessary to make your customized touch screen have the greatest help and benefit to users.

Choose the Perfect Touch Screen Panel for Your Business

Our touch screen panel come in many shape and sizes.There have 1.5,2.4,3.5,4.3,5,7,10.1,10.4,12.1,13.3,15,15.6,17,17.3,18.5,19,21.5,23.6,23.8,27,32,43,55,65 inch touch screen panel. Like the small size touch screen,we can provide you the specification information of Chip,you need to drive it by your software engineer.If like the large size touch screen panel, most of customers will use USB interface,so if your operating systems is windows, it is free driver.As long as you connect the touch screen with controller board, it can be working.If your operating systems is android or linux ,we can provide you the driver information.You can down the driver information to drive the touch screen.Its very convenient to use it.


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