Deeply cultivated in the touch display industry, Guanshi Technology successfully landed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network News On August 12, Nanjing Guanshi Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation "Guanshi Technology") successfully landed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The total number of shares issued by the company this time is 18.275 million shares at an issue price of RMB 27.42 per share. What's more, All the funds raised will be used for the construction of functional structural parts, ultra-high-definition LCD panels and R&D centers.Deeply cultivated in the touch display industry, Guanshi Technology successfully landed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange .

Touch Display Industry Main Business

According to the prospectus, the main business of Guanshi Technology is the research and development, production and sales of semiconductor display devices and special adhesive materials. Semiconductor display devices include like these, such as polarizers, functional devices, signal connectors, liquid crystal panels, production auxiliary consumables and OCA Optical adhesives. They are mainly used in consumer electronic products with display screens. Such as LCD TVs, smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, and smart wearables; special adhesive materials mainly use in industry, rail transit and automobile industries.

Touch Display Industry Performance

In recent years, Guanshi Technology has focused on intensive cultivation in the display industry. And has steadily improved its core competitiveness and industry status, achieving rapid growth in performance. In 2018, 2019 and 2020, the company's net profit was 58.262 million yuan, 92.421 million yuan and 90.750 million yuan. Respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 24.80%.

Guanshi Technology has established a good cooperative relationship with many brand. Such as  BOE, Chengdu China Power, Rainbow Optoelectronics, LG, Foxconn, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Visionox and other leading domestic and foreign display panel manufacturers. The products finally apply to Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO , Hisense, Skyworth, Apple, Samsung and other consumer electronics brands' best-selling models.

Development Strategy

At the IPO online investor exchange meeting, Ms. Fangfang Men, the director and general manager of Guanshi Technology. She said that she would take this public offering and listing as an opportunity. With LCD and OLED related industries as the orientation, through the successful implementation of fund-raising investment projects . To complete the strategic layout of "one large and one small". However, among them, "large" refers to the layout of large-size screen-related industries. Dominated by ultra-high-definition (4K/8K), large-size LCD panels and large-size polarizers; "small" refers to the layout of small-size screen-related industries, with functional devices and upstream The core material is dominant.

However, through the implementation of the development strategy of "one large and one small", the company lays out the target market for LCD and OLED, gradually builds itself into the main force and leader of the domestic display industry segmentation field, and returns the society and shareholders with excellent economic and social benefits .


At the listing ceremony, Zhang Jianwei, chairman of Guanshi Technology, said that after 19 years of business accumulation, Guanshi Technology has a relatively complete R&D system and relatively advanced large-scale production capacity, and also has a good market reputation in the display industry at home and abroad. And strong brand influence. In the future, the company will intensively work in the display industry. By continuously optimizing product structure, enriching product categories, continuously digging into customer needs, and increasing R&D investment, the company will open up the upstream material end, midstream manufacturing end and downstream product end of the display industry, and strive to The development goal of covering the entire industrial chain of the display industry will be realized as soon as possible.

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