How Is The Touch Screen Tempered Glass Tempered?

Touch screen tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to increase the strength of the glass, we usually use the chemical or physical methods. There is forme the compressive stress on the surface of the glass, and the surface stress is first offset. When the glass is subjected to external force, thereby improving the bearing capacity. There is also enhancement of the glass's own resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, and impact. Generally, touch screen tempered glass has physical tempering method and chemical tempering method. Let us understand touch screen tempered glass  together today.

Touch Screen Tempered Glass

Physical Tempering Method For Touch Screen Tempered Glass

The principle of the physical tempering method is to heat the glass to a suitable temperature and then cool it quickly. Causing the glass surface to shrink sharply and produce compressive stress. The middle layer of the glass cools slowly, and it is too late to shrink. So when is form the tensile stress, which makes the glass obtain higher strength. Generally speaking, the higher the cooling strength, the greater the strength of the glass.

Chemical Toughening Method For Touch Screen Tempered Glass

The chemical tempering method refers to a tempering method that changes the composition of the glass surface through a chemical method. And increases the surface lamination stress to increase the mechanical strength and thermal stability of the glass. Because it strengthens glass through ion exchange, it is also call ion exchange enhancement method. According to the type of ion exchange and the temperature of ion exchange, can divide into ion exchange methods below the transition point .And  can ion exchange methods above the transition point temperature.

The principle of the chemical enhancement method is to change the surface composition of the glass according to the mechanism of ion diffusion. We immerse the glass in a high-temperature molten salt at a certain temperature. The alkali metal ions in the glass and the alkali metal ions in the molten salt are caused by diffusion. Mutual exchange occurs, resulting in "crowding" phenomenon, causing compressive stress on the glass surface, thereby increasing the strength of the glass.

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