Netherlands Customer Customize 17 Touch Panel For Industrial Control

Recently, we have Netherlands customer customized a 17 touch panel for industrial control. Now there have many industrial control machine also use the capacitive touch panel.Like the 15,15.6,17,18.5 and so on. These size is very common. Today,let us talk about what’s benefit of the touch panel for industrial control. And What should be paid attention to when using a touch panel for industrial control.


What’s Benefit Of The Touch Panel For Industrial Control?

The operating environment of industrial equipment is complex, and the industrial field has high requirements for safety and stability. Therefore, industrial equipment usually has special designs such as dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, and shockproof. At the same time, the industry needs to connect with many external devices. And more professional interfaces need to be customized to meet the needs of different customers. The following are the common features of industrial touch screen integration:


Industrial equipment has compact design, low power consumption, active heat dissipation, and silent design. At the same time, the industrial integrated machine also equip with a highly reliable industrial power supply It can protect the industrial integrated machine in the case of overvoltage and overcurrent.

Small size, easy to install

The integrated design of the industrial touch screen takes up a small space and is easy to install in various ways. The maintenance is convenient, the operation is flexible, we can install and use it almost anywhere.

Low power consumption, small size, no fan, strong stability

These advantages are becoming more and more common in the industrial field. With the development of embedded technology, the embedded industrial touch screen integration industry has grown rapidly and has been widely used in various industries. Such as industrial automation, machine vision, rail transit, network, communications, self-service terminals, medical equipment, on-board equipment, electricity, financial monitoring, subway gates, ticket vending machines, industrial robots and other industries.

What we should pay attention to when using touch panel for industrial control?

If you want the industrial control touch screen to play the best role in the process of use.You need to ensure the normal use of the industrial control touch screen. In order to ensure the normal use of the industrial control touch screen, you need to deal with the precautions in the use process. In order to help you more Good understanding, the following editor will introduce some precautions for using industrial touch screen:

1.The film surface of the touch screen is the touch surface, which is the front of the product.The glass surface is the non-touch surface, which is the back of the product.
2.The touch screen part is glass, and the glass corners are sharp. Please wear gloves/finger cots when assembling.
3.The industrial touch screen is fragile glass. Do not apply strong impact to the touch screen during assembly.
4.When using the industrial touch screen all-in-one machine, please note that the surrounding temperature should be between 0 degrees and 55 degrees. Please note that the surrounding relative humidity should be between 5-95%, without condensation.
5.When using an industrial touch screen, please note that the power supply voltage should be between 12~24V AC. Please try to avoid damp, extreme temperature, vibration and dusty environment.
6.When using an industrial touch screen, please try to keep a distance of more than one meter from the equipment (inverter, motor, etc.) . And thenwill produce strong electromagnetic interference. After you turn off the industrial tablet computer , please wait for more than 8 seconds when turning it on again.
7.Single-chip operation is required when picking and placing products, handle with care, avoid product collision and scratch the surface of the product.
8.When cleaning the surface of the product, please wipe it with a soft cloth (deerskin) dipped in petroleum ether.
9.Do not use corrosive organic solvents to wipe the surface of the industrial touch screen film. Such as industrial alcohol.

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