How To Choose The Structure Of The PCAP Capacitive Touch Glass

How To Choose The Structure Of The Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass?

We use Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass more and more touch screen in many product nowadays. So customers may be confused when they choose the touch screen structure in the early stage. Which structure is better to choose? There are many types of industrial touch screens. For example: G+G capacitive touch screen, G+F+F capacitive touch screen + P+G capacitive touch screen. Different projects require different touch screen structures. So how should we choose the appropriate touch screen structure?

The Structure Of Pcap Capacitive Touch Glass



G+G is a screen made of tempered glass + Sensor GLASS. Its structural sensor glass + toughened glass cover plate in two parts. The main feature is to support hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and high light transmittance. It also has a smooth feel and high reliability. So now most customers will use the Glass+Glass structure. For example,we use it in smart home, industrial control equipment, face recognition and so on. Especially large-size touch screens, almost all use Glass+Glass structure.


G+F+F is made of a touch screen made of tempered glass + film film material. The main structure consists of two parts: toughened glass + film material. Its characteristic is that we can make the screen thinner. For example, your project requires relatively high thickness. We need to make it   into a thinner and lighter structure. Then you can choose GFF structure. There are many emergency medical touch screen devices that use this structure. But it has a disadvantage, because it is a FILM structure, it will expand with heat and contract with cold. And over time, the FILM structure will turn yellow.

PMMA+ Glass

P+G is a touch screen made of tempered glass+PC material. The main structure is composed of sensor glass+PET+pc glass base plate. The main features are low cost and simple process. We use this structure generally apply to game consoles or relatively low-end product applications.

Comes from the touch screen of the above several materials. , You can consider which touch screen structure to use based on budget, applicability, user groups, etc.

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