How Long Can The Service Life Of Industrial Multi Capacitive Touch Panel Be Used?

How Long Can The Service Life Of Industrial Multi Capacitive Touch Panel Be Used?

When people buy products, they will ask the merchants about the service life of the product and how long it can be used. The editor here says that the service life of a product is not long, which is related to our use and maintenance. They are all related, and the same is true for industrial multi capacitive touch panel. So how long can the service life of industrial capacitive screens be used?


Long Life Of Multi Capacitive Touch Panel

The service life of the capacitive screen is very long, basically three to five years. Normally, it is charged about 30,000 times, under normal conditions. So a lot now we sell a lot of touch screens. Customers have used it for 4-5 years without any problems. Prove that the life of a good capacitive touch screen is very long.

Support Capacitive Touch Panel

This is the mainstream trend of today's touch-screen mobile phones. Compared with resistive screens, capacitive touch screens show better performance. Because it can be sensed by a light touch, it is easy to use, and there is no need to press the screen hard. Moreover, the contact between the finger and the touch screen is almost wear-free, and the performance is stable. The service life is up to 30 years after mechanical testing. More importantly, the capacitive screen can support multi-touch. No matter when zooming in or out, navigating the map, or when reading the page, multi-touch will definitely appear in the field of vision.

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