How To Test The Mechanical Performance Of The Pcap Capacitive Touchscreen Kit?

How To Test The Mechanical Performance Of The Pcap Capacitive touchscreen Kit?

As a professional touch screen manufacturer. Ensuring the quality of pcap capacitive touchscreen kit products is our first principle. Therefore, we need to do various mechanical performance tests on the products before shipment. Today we will talk about how to test the mechanical performance of the touch screen.

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Fighting Ability Of Pcap Capacitive touchscreen Kit

1.Test method

1) Place the test sample (LCD, touch panel) horizontally on the test bench

2) Use a steel ball with a diameter of 25.4mm and a weight of 67.5g. And place the steel ball at a height of 1000px perpendicular to the test sample to make the steel ball fall freely;

3) The test position is the center position of the display screen and the four corners, a total of 5 experiments are carried out

2.Judgment Criteria

1) The surface of the test sample should be free of cracks, dents and other defects;

2) When the test sample is energized, the sample shows no abnormality;

FPC Wire Tension Test

1.Test Method

1) Fix the test sample on the desktop (the pins are parallel to the ground).

2) Make the direction of the tension meter vertically upward. And apply a 500g tension for 10±1s

3) Make the tension meter along the lead-out direction, apply 2000g tension 10±1S

4) Make the tension meter in the horizontal state and 90 degree direction perpendicular to the lead-out line, and apply 150g tension 10±1S

5) Lead wire terminals for 20 plug-in tests

2.Judgment Criteria

1) There is no breakage or looseness in the lead wires;

2) There is no looseness, poor contact, etc. after the lead-out terminal is plugged in;

3) When assembled to the complete machine normally, the display screen works normally.

Vibration Of Touch Screen

1.Test Method

1) Use an electromagnetic vibrating table to make an amplitude of 1.5 mm and a random vibration at a frequency of 10-55 Hz;

2) The sample under test needs to be tested in three directions, XYZ, each direction for 1 hour;

2.Judgment Criteria

1) During the experiment, the display screen should not show defects such as white screen, black screen, and blurry screen;

2) After the test is completed, the sample meets the requirements of 5.1.3 after installation;

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