Processing And Application Of Laser Technology In The Field Of Multi Touch Screen Glass

With the introduction of the American "Industrial Internet", German "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025" plans. The global manufacturing industry is undergoing tremendous changes. So in recent years, laser technology is playing an increasingly important role in the development of the national economy. And the industrial laser application market continues to expand, and the field of laser processing continues to expand. So today we are talking about the laser technology apply in the field of multi touch screen glass.

Processing And Application Of Laser Technology In The Field Of Multi Touch Screen Glass

As we all know, "energy saving and emission reduction" and "low-carbon economy" have become the two main themes of today's energy. And because solar energy does not contain carbon, it does not emit harmful greenhouse gases and is pollution-free. Coupled with inexhaustible and renewable characteristics. Become one of the new energy sources that have attracted much attention. Improving efficiency and reducing costs are two eternal themes in the touch screen industry. Laser technology is due to its advantages such as fast, precise, zero contact and good thermal effect. Important applications have been made in cutting, scribing, surface processing, drilling, and laser crystallization of touch screen panels.

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Laser Technology Makes A Huge Contribution To The Touch Screen Industry

At present, there are many laser manufacturers and research institutions at home and abroad. What's more ,all are actively developing various new laser technologies and their new applications in the touch screen industry. The application of laser technology in the touch screen industry mainly includes laser drilling, grooving, scribing, and laser scribing systems. Because of its accuracy and speed, laser technology has greatly improved the research and development efficiency of the touch screen industry. And reduce the processing cost. The integration of laser technology and touch screen industry technology. Laser technology has also made a huge contribution for the touch screen industry to enter the market. 

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