TP Touch Screen Glass Bonding Technology Analysis

Today, let us understand the TP touch screen bonding technology. TP Touch Screen Glass manufacturers not only work hard between the display panel and the glass protective layer, but also provide a variety of stacking methods and technologies for mobile phone and tablet manufacturers to use. Such as various embedded touch solutions (such as On-cell, In-cell, etc.). Introduce new ITO-replacement (replacement) materials. It also strives to make breakthroughs in bonding technology.

TP Touch Screen Glass Bonding Technology

In terms of laminating technology, there are two methods commonly used in the industry: "mouth glue laminating" and "full plane laminating".

Airbonding For TP Touch Screen Glass

Adhesive lamination (also known as "frame paste", edgelamination, airbonding, airgap, etc.). It is through double-sided adhesive, the touch sensor panel (TouchSensorPanel; TSP) and the protective glass layer (CoverLens) are attached firmly to the four sides. The advantage is that the operation is easy, the cost is lower, and the technical threshold is low. The disadvantage is that only four sides are pasted, and an air gap will be generated in the middle. After the light is refracted, a double image will be produced, and the picture rendering effect is slightly worse. It is difficult to arouse the interest of mobile phone/tablet manufacturers.

Opticalbonding For Touch Screen

The full-plane bonding (also known as "surface bonding", fullllamination, directbonding, opticalbonding, non-airgap). It uses OCA (OpticallyClearAdhesive, solid transparent optical adhesive) or OCR (OpticallyClearResin, liquid transparent optical adhesive) for touch control. The panel and the glass protective layer are fully bonded. Since the two-layer board is completely tight, there are no gaps and air layers. Therefore, the backlight of the display panel can penetrate the glass surface more smoothly. There will be no ghosting caused by light refraction. Shows high brightness and high quality. At the same time, the overall thickness can be reduced.

TP Touch Screen Glass

In addition, there are many benefits, such as no dust on the screen. The touch module is also tightly integrated with the panel to increase its strength. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the interference caused by the noise generated by the display panel to the touch signal. The full plane fits all of the above advantages. It has become the best fit solution for mainstream and high-end products in the past two years.

Analysis Of Full Laminating Technology: Yield Is The Biggest Key

Although the full bonding technology has a better display effect. But its coating materials and processing costs are also relatively high. Compared with the overall cost of word glue. The price difference between the two is about 15%~20%.

In terms of yield, the full lamination technology is obviously not as high as the word glue lamination. And the larger the bonding area, the lower the yield. In addition, the size is getting bigger and bigger now. For the touch module industry, it is necessary to purchase high-precision bonding equipment. It can effectively increase the yield and increase the gross profit. Because in the process of lamination, as long as there is a lamination defect, OCR glue penetrates into the panel, or UVCuring unevenness occurs. It will result in the inability to rework (rework), and the entire touch screen will be scrapped.

In the part of laminating materials, there are currently two types of adhesives, OCR and OCA, both of which are used by the industry. And the factor that determines the production yield is the fitting technology of each industry. And the efficiency of the laminating machine it purchased. Must be stable glue, high precision fitting, well-proportioned and no bubbles and other elements. The touch panel and the protective glass are seamlessly attached to each other to be considered a good product.

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