The Development Trend Of Multi Touch Screens And A Wide Range Of Applications

The Development Of Multi Touch Screens

Multi Touch Screens originated in the 1970s and were mostly installed in industrial or commercial equipment such as industrial control computers and POS terminals. The launch of the iPhone in 2007 has become a milestone in the development of the touch industry.

At present, the application range of touch screens has become more and more extensive. In addition to giving users a more direct and convenient operating experience. It also makes the appearance of the device more stylish and thinner. Increase the intimacy of direct human-computer interaction. Arouse the enthusiastic pursuit of consumers. At the same time, it also opened the journey of the touch screen to the mainstream control interface.

 multi touch screens

Because of aesthetics, maintenance, cost and hygiene. Touch screen technology has begun to penetrate into the medical, industrial and automotive markets outside the consumer market. With the development of touch screens, a number of touch technologies have emerged, such as capacitive, resistive, inductive, surface acoustic wave and infrared touch technologies. Each design technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Difference Between Various Touch Screens

1.Among them, the cost competitiveness of resistive touch screen technology is high. And it is easy to integrate into embedded designs. Support for finger touch detection and stylus detection expands the application range of resistive touch technology in consumer electronics.

2.Inductive touch screen technology is mainly used for plastic, aluminum or stainless steel panels. Or panels that will be exposed to liquids.

3.Infrared touch technology is based on the intermittent light method. What's more, mainly used for large screens with low resolution.

4.Surface acoustic wave touch technology is based on sound waves. Exist in the display screen design that needs to be transparent. For example, amusement parks and indoor environments with a lot of people.

5.The capacitive touch screen is based on the electrode design on the printed circuit board.So the ueser like its touch keys, slider and scroll wheel functions. The easy touch function adds a lot to the user experience.

Compared with the resistive type, the capacitive touch screen has a relatively simple structure. Due to the projected capacitive type in the capacitive touch screen (capacitive touch screens are mainly including projected capacitive and surface capacitive). Can support the current popular multi-touch function. And has the advantages of higher screen light transmittance, lower overall power consumption, and longer service life. It will constanly challenge the market position of resistive touch screens .

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