What Are The Benefits Of Using Multi capacitive Touchscreen Panel In A Library All-in-one Machine?

In many libraries, you can basically see that Multi capacitive touchscreen Panel is used in all-in-ones. It mainly provides various convenient information inquiry services for people who come to the library to study and recharge. People can touch the screen with their fingers at the same time to achieve perfect operation.

Because the library has a very large collection and variety of books. In addition, the space of the library itself is large. It is a bit difficult for people to find the books they like. With a touch screen, people tap a few taps on the machine. And soon you can inquire about the type and placement of the book you are looking for. Brings a lot of convenience to people.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Multi capacitive touchscreen Panel In A Library All-in-one Machine?

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Multi capacitive touchscreen Panel Improve Children's Interest In Learning

The traditional book method may be more suitable for adults. For children, they may not be interested in the simple way of reading book pages. Can not achieve the effect of learning new knowledge. The touch screen is used in the library with novel ways of video, picture, audio, and human-computer interaction. Easily attract children's attention. Improve children's interest in learning. It can also improve the reading experience.

Multi capacitive touchscreen Panel Attract Children's Attention

 Place a touch screen in the lobby of the library. According to application requirements, its appearance design can be more lovely and beautiful. It looks very attractive, and it is easier to attract children to play and read. The specially customized children's learning and reading software has a wonderful and friendly interface. It is displayed in a cartoon image that children prefer. It is of great help to improve children's interest in reading.

More Acceptable To Human-computer Interaction

The reading function of the library touch screen is very powerful. The display effect of the high-definition LCD screen is much better than the effect we usually watch TV. Reading software contains a huge amount of reading resources. Including more suitable for children to read the story room, poems, children's songs, small knowledge of science and technology, brain teasers and so on. This knowledge is displayed more vividly and intuitively through the operation of human-computer interaction. Children will be more interested and more receptive.

Convenient To Borrow Books

Sometimes we find books we like in the library or books we haven't seen. I just want to borrow it home and watch it again. But books are not very convenient to carry. Because it is relatively thick, it is not only large but also heavy. There is also a situation that some library books are not allowed to be borrowed. With the library touch all-in-one, the situation is different. When we find a paper book that suits us or find it on the touch screen. We can connect to the touch screen by using a data cable. Download the electronic version of the book to our reading terminal, and you can read it at any time.

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