4 Maintenance Methods For Industrial Customized Capacitive Touchscreen

With the development of technology, more and more products now use touch screens. So when your Customized Capacitive touchscreen encounters a malfunction, how should you perform maintenance? Today, let us introduce the next four maintenance methods.

1.Industrial Customized Capacitive touchscreen Observation Method.

As the name suggests, it is to visually inspect the components with eyes. Whether it is burnt, damaged, deformed, discolored, ruptured, and the filament of the picture tube is not bright after the current is connected. These problems are often the fault or are closely related to the fault. Find these problems, you can quickly determine the problem. Thereby repairing the industrial touch screen.

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2.Percussion Method.

This is also one of the most effective methods for repairing industrial touch screens. Especially for failures caused by poor contact. The method is to use an insulator with or without power. Tap and press lightly on the parts that may be problematic. It is easier to find faults such as false welding and poor contact.

3.Replacement Method.

The replacement method is a practical and quick maintenance method. When you are not sure which component, you can replace it first. Replace with good components. If the fault is eliminated, it proves that there is a problem with the original components. This is especially true for some components that are inconvenient to measure.

4.Industrial Customized Capacitive touchscreen Current Measurement Method.

Measuring current is one of the basic methods for repairing industrial touch screens. It is mainly used to measure the load current and working current of transistors and integrated circuit blocks. In order to detect whether the integrated circuit, transistor and its power load are normal, etc. As long as the measured load current of the transistor or integrated circuit is normal. It can be concluded that the working state of the circuit is basically normal. On the contrary, if its current changes greatly compared with the normal value. That means there is a problem with the circuit. You can prescribe the right medicine and conduct key inspections.

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