How To Choose A Suitable Industrial Custom Touch Panel?

industrial touch screen as a basic automation product. It often runs in a harsh environment. The data security requirements are also higher. Therefore, special designs such as reinforcement, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-radiation are usually carried out. So how to choose a suitable Industrial Custom Touch Panel?

1.Environmental requirements

The reason why Industrial Custom Touch Panel are different from ordinary touch screens. It is because we will use it in harsh environments. Such as ultra-high or ultra-low temperature, high dust, high vibration and other occasions. Therefore, when choosing an industrial touch screen, you must carefully check whether its parameters can meet the needs of your application environment. Such as operating temperature, storage temperature, etc.

industrial custom touch panel

2.Choose The Size According To The Industrial Custom Touch Panel Application

We install some industrial touch screens  in-line. So you can design the size of the touch screen according to the application of the product. Otherwise, a slight difference may result in the inability to embed the touch screen.

3.According To The Feasible Installation Method Of Industrial Custom Touch Panel

Generally, the installation methods of industrial touch screens are embedded and external. You can customize the touch screen according to your design of the touch screen. We can customize the touch screen according to your requirements.

4.Technical Parameters

Just like choosing a personal computer. You must also look at the configuration when you buy an industrial touch screen. Such as cover brand, thickness, chip, bonding method, etc. What kind of solution does each industrial touch screen choose? They are all considered comprehensively based on specific product applications. It is also a waste to configure too high a configuration that cannot fully utilize the efficiency of the industrial touch screen. If the configuration is too low, it may compromise the operating speed and functions of the industrial touch screen. Also reduces production efficiency.


industrial touch screen is a product used in key occasions. Stability, reliability, quality, etc. directly affect the success or failure of the entire project. So the brand is also a very important consideration.

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