What Is The Difference Between Industrial Custom Touch Screen And Ordinary Touch Screen?

The pass touch screen is an advanced high-tech electronic touch product. It is used in various fields with LCD screens. It integrates multiple functions such as computer, TV, audio, multimedia, and Internet. The function is very powerful.So, what is the difference between Industrial Custom Touch Screen and ordinary touch screen?

Stability Of The Industrial Custom Touch Screen

Because the Industrial Custom Touch Screen needs 24 hours, 365 days of uninterrupted work and power on. Moreover, the environment in which industrial touch screens are used is much harsher than ordinary touch screens. Therefore, we will require it to be more stable. At the same time, the performance requirements of all aspects of industrial touch screens are higher than those of ordinary touch screens. Such as components withstand voltage, current, humidity, high and low temperature and so on. And the design direction is also different. For example, the TV will deteriorate after 8 hours of power on. However, industrial touch screens will not age until they are powered on for 24 hours at high temperatures and high humidity.

industrial custom touch screen

Industrial Custom Touch Screen Raw Materials

Environment and job requirements. The raw materials used in industrial touch screens are of high quality. The interior is also industrial-grade design, which is not easy to age. The raw materials used in ordinary touch screens are relatively ordinary and cheap. For example, when you use in consumer products, and then don't require the high-quality raw materials.

The Life Of The Touch Screen

Because industrial equipment requires a long service life of the touch screen. Because general industrial equipment is relatively large and expensive. If the entire industrial equipment cannot be operated due to damage to the touch screen. The loss will be greater. Therefore, the general industrial touch screen requires a service life of more than 5-6 years.

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