Is Temperature Harmful To Industrial Custom Touchscreen?

Is temperature harmful to Industrial Custom touchscreen? At this stage, we can divide customized touch screens into four types: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, surface acoustic wave screen, and infrared touch screen. Among the commonly used touch screens are resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens. Each of the following describes in detail the four classifications of custom touch screens and the hazards of temperature.

1. Resistive Touch Screen

Compared with capacitive touch screens, temperature is less harmful to resistive touch screens. Because the selected processing technology is different. According to the small power circuit on the touch screen, it is less harmful to the average temperature. In addition, the technical level of resistive touch screens is also more perfect. The materials used are all well-tested. Moreover, the operating temperature of the resistive touch screen is specified in the middle of -20℃~65℃. Able to consider the natural environment of most applications.

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2. Capacitive Industrial Custom touchscreen

Capacitive Industrial Custom touchscreen use touch sensors to induce voltages induced by electrical conductors on the surface of the screen. Also this in turn causes the relative amount of current. Calculate the touch point based on the spacing. In the ultra-low temperature natural environment. The surface layer of the palms of the skin is low in water vapor content. Poor conductivity makes the characteristics of the sensor endangered. As a result, the industrial production of the tablet computer cannot distinguish the touch position very well, and the touch is not effective. The operating temperature of the capacitive touch screen is generally between -5°C and 60°C. If you apply it in a natural environment with a low average temperature. Very vulnerable to harm.

3. Surface Acoustic Wave Screen

The characteristics of such display screens as surface acoustic wave screens are high picture quality and good light transmittance. The light transmittance can reach 92%. Excellent damage resistance. The precision is completely unsusceptible to environmental factors such as temperature and environmental humidity. It only needs to be calibrated once during installation. A third axis (that is, the working pressure axis) responds. However, the engineering cost and maintenance cost of the surface acoustic wave screen will also be higher.

You must maintain the surface acoustic wave screen frequently. If dust, oil stains, liquid stains touch the surface of the display. All cause blockage of the wave guide groove on the surface of the touch screen. So that the sound wave frequency cannot be transmitted normally or the wave shape is changed, and the control board cannot properly identify it. Therefore, when choosing a surface acoustic wave screen, strict attention must be paid to cleanliness and hygiene. You must wipe the surface layer of the industrial touch screen  to keep it smooth, and do the cleaning work on time.

4. Infrared Industrial Custom touchscreen

The precision of the infrared touch screen will not be interfered by the amount of current, working voltage and static electricity. The infrared touch screen is suitable for various natural environmental standards with light environmental pollution. However, the infrared touch screen is easily damage and brittle due to its single sensor. And touching the page cannot withstand environmental pollution, destructiveness, and complicated maintenance. The electrostatic induction caused by the infrared touch screen in the whole process of application in the ultra-low temperature natural environment is very easy to absorb floating dust. Thus endangering the application of industrial production of tablet computers. The infrared touch screen is suitable for the aerospace industry.

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