Introduction To The Production Of High Quality Capacitive Touchscreen Related Machines

High Quality Capacitive touchscreen Hot Press Machine

The hot press mainly uses heat and temperature under the action of high pressure. The High Quality Capacitive touchscreen FPC is crimped onto the main board, and the whole assembly is completed. Its working principle is to add positive pressure on the basis of negative pressure, with special glue. Also the processing and pasting of the PVC series by the hot press is incomparable to other equipment. It has the characteristics of high pressure, low temperature and short film pressure time. Solve the problem of deformation during processing.

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High Quality Capacitive touchscreen ACF Pasting Machine

In order to allow ITO to be pasted on ACF (Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Film). ITO is an N-type oxide semiconductor material. What's more, it has high electrical conductivity, high visible light transmittance, high mechanical hardness and good chemical stability.


TP produces bubbles in the production and bonding, and passes through the function of a deaerator. It can eliminate air bubbles and make TP more transparent and smooth. Its working principle is to diffuse the visible bubbles in the OCA glue at high temperature and high pressure. However, utilize the characteristics of OCA glue and air fusion under high temperature and high pressure. To achieve the effect of disappearing bubbles.


Glue dispensers are also called glue spreaders, glue filling machines, glue dispensers, etc. It is specifically for fluid control. It is an automated machine that drips, coats, and pots liquid on the surface of the product or inside the product. However, The glue dispenser is mainly used to accurately point glue, oil, paint and other liquids in the product process. Moreover,pouring, coating, and dripping to the precise location of each product. You can use it to realize dotting, drawing lines, circular or arc shapes.

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