Analysis On The Selection And Quality Certification Of The 17-inch Industrial Touchscreen Pcap

With the development and demand of the industrial field, automation has become a major trend in the development of the industry today. The arrival of automation. More and more modern equipments are gradually being widely used in large fields such as manufacturing and commerce. This makes the market demand for touch screens increasing. But for the choice of touch screens, nowadays, it is not only in the industrial field. The commercial field also tends to choose industrial touch screens. This is due to its superior product performance.

The market demand for 17-inch industrial touch screens is particularly significant. So, how to choose the right industrial touch screen? Today I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various touch screens and applicable conditions.

Industrial Touch Screens PCAP Type

 Industrial <a href= target='_blank'>touchscreen</a> Pcap

1.Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen:

Pure glass material. Good light transmission, long service life, and good scratch resistance. Suitable for all kinds of public places. But I am afraid of long-term accumulation of dust and oil pollution. Therefore, the requirements for the environment are relatively high.

2.Infrared Touch Screen:

The resolution is low. But it is not affected by current, voltage and static electricity. Suitable for some harsh environmental conditions. It is suitable for all kinds of public places and offices without infrared and strong light interference. And industrial control sites that require less precision;

3.Capacitive Touch Screen:

Because the capacitance varies with temperature, humidity or grounding conditions. Therefore, its stability is relatively poor, and drift phenomenon often occurs. Afraid of electromagnetic field interference and drift, it is not easy to use in places with interference. It can be used for public information inquiries that require less precision.

4.Resistive Touch Screen:

It is not afraid of dust, oil pollution and radio and television interference, and fear of scratches is its main defect. It is suitable for public places with fixed users. Such as industrial control sites, offices, homes, etc.

Understand The Quality Of Industrial Touch Screens PCAP

1.The System Equipped With The Touch Screen

The stability of the system determines the effect of equipment operation. Different industries have different requirements for them. Obviously, in the system operation of my country's industrial-grade display equipment. Consumers have a variety of software development options. Want to quickly carry this kind of development materials. And can guarantee better operation effect. Therefore, we must understand this software system and use it as a core reference.

2.The Material And Structure Of The Industrial Touch Screens PCAP

The structure of the product and the materials used will directly affect a service life of our product. For the industrial touch screen, in order to ensure its stable application in the working environment. It is indispensable to use more durable materials and better structures. In order to ensure the stability of the operation, when we select the industrial touch screen, we must also have a certain understanding of it.

In general, the industrial touch screen does not matter whether it is 17 inches. The choice of other sizes is mainly based on the user's use environment. Industrial touch screens need to know the system they are equipped with, as well as the materials and structures used. Comprehensive consideration can select the most cost-effective product.

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