Industrial Customization Capacitive Touchscreen Become The Driving Force For Smart Cities And Industrial IoT

In the era of industrial digitalization, data is the core force of this era. The value of data is very much reflected in the IoT system. Data-driven decision-making will run through the development process of the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, and smart cities. Therefore, an industrial touch screen that can effectively utilize the value of data is particularly important. We have launched a new industrial customization capacitive touchscreen to forge ahead on the road of advancing smart cities and industrial Internet of Things. Use new products, new technologies, and new applications to promote the driving force of manufacturing evolution. Won a high degree of attention from the industry.

The Advanced Look And Feel Of Industrial Customization Capacitive touchscreen Has Risen To A Level

There are a total of six different models of our industrial touch screens, which are: 12-inch industrial touch screens, 15.6-inch industrial touch screens, 15-inch industrial touch screens, 17.3-inch industrial touch screens, 17-inch industrial touch screens, and 21.5-inch industrial touch screens. The overall appearance of these six industrial touch screens follows the design principles of industrial aesthetics. Based on a simple but not simple design concept. Can deal with different application environments. Keep the touch screen in its best condition all the time. The industrial advanced perception level immediately rises by one level.

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In addition, the materials used in the touch screen are suitable for use in industrial environments. It can be consistent no matter how challenging the environment is.  Industrial touch display is a good assistant in industrial fields such as factory automation, machinery manufacturing, communication network, electric power automation, numerical control, textile, etc. It perfectly realizes human-computer interaction.

Multiple Installation Methods For Flexible Application In Different Occasions

The background of different models, different scenarios and different machines in the industrial manufacturing field determines the diversification of industrial touch screen usage scenarios. Therefore, in addition to conventional interfaces such as I2C, USB, and RS232, our industrial touch screen can also "wild" many external devices that users want to connect. Whether it's a mouse, a keyboard, or even a capacitive pen, it's all available.

Of course, this also determines the flexibility of the industrial touch screen installation method. In addition to the cantilever type and wall-mounted type commonly used in industry, Van Niss industrial touch screens also have embedded, open, and snap-in types, which can cope with more different occasions.

Compatible With Various Operating Systems And Has A Technologically-sound Appearance

The simple, stylish and advanced appearance of our industrial touch screen exudes unique temperament and connotation. Full of sense of science and technology. What is even more exciting is that it is compatible with various operating systems. Windows, Android and Linux operating systems can be supported.

Dingtouch Customization Capacitive touchscreen Manufacturer

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