What is the power of the facial recognition touch screen

With the popularization of facial recognition technology, mobile phone scanning and unlocking has become a standard feature, and the era of facial scanning has come. For the consumption of facial recognition 10 years ago, it has become impossible to withdraw money by facial recognition. Face recognition touch screen technology From the beginning of application to mobile phone tablet touch screen all-in-one machine face unlocking, face login, etc., it is now applied to the commercial display industry equipped with high-definition cameras to improve face recognition technology and new developments in the industry.

With the diversification of media methods and the development of information technology, the LCD touch screen all-in-one machine has gradually formed a certain scale, and the Windows system has been used as the operating system before the advent of the Android system. The all-in-one touch screen of Zhongshiguang Electronics is no longer just a one-way communication machine, AI gives it a vital interactive machine. Until the emergence of the Android system, the touch screen industry began to flourish.

Based on the traditional application of the smart touch all-in-one machine, it is equipped with a high-definition camera and corresponding software system, which can realize face recognition in a variety of occasions and be widely used.

1. Used in office attendance, such as placing a face recognition touch all-in-one machine at the front desk of the company to perform face recognition and attendance, which also replaces fingerprint punching and receiving check-in attendance.

2. Applied to airport stations, a set of face recognition display equipment is placed in the barriers to pass the facial recognition verification and ticket inspection, bidding farewell to the cumbersome ticket collection and queuing ticket inspection, thereby improving the efficiency of work.

3. Applied to unmanned supermarket stores, Alibaba's unmanned supermarket concept store was opened in Hangzhou, and equipped with face recognition technology touch all-in-one machine in the shopping and settlement links, helping offline stores to quickly capture user information to provide personality While transforming services, it can also upgrade the user experience of consumers.

4. Hotel catering project-touch the advertising machine kitchen camera to make it public, allowing consumers to experience the chefs cooking process with their own eyes, what they see is the actual recipe, avoiding consumersordering by the recipe alone. Different results. At the same time, you can choose to carry out star-rating evaluation for the kitchen chef or star-rating for the cuisine. ,

5. Self-service ordering queuing system, the user selects the cuisine to add to the shopping cart through the self-service ordering machine for settlement, and settlement is supported by Alipay and WeChat QR code scanning. At the same time, you can choose a membership card for swiping support. After the payment is completed, the order number will be automatically queued in the form of a small ticket. After the consumer completes the payment, the kitchen automatically places an order. The unified front desk will queue up and call consumers to pick up meals. The entire self-service ordering system is completed after the meal is picked up!

6. Used in hospitals, the face recognition touch all-in-one machine placed in the hospital can cover multiple functions such as card swiping, ID card recognition, receipt printing, etc., eliminating the need to register at the counter to effectively reduce the queue time and make the smart medical service process smoother .

7. Used in schools, the face recognition electronic class card uses face recognition to recognize students to sign in for class, and teachers sign in to prepare lessons.

8. The face recognition access control system used in smart communities allows residents to pass in and out quickly, and it is convenient to manage the entry and exit records of residents and visitors. And pay for the parking lot in the community.

9. Shopping mall fitting mirror 3D somatosensory fitting mirror captures real-time images of the scene through a full HD camera, and combines the somatosensory detection device to superimpose the 2D picture or 3D model of the clothing on the image of the customer, which is beneficial to the virtual clothing and the real customer's figure. Perfect fusion. It is realized that when shoppers stand in front of the virtual dressing mirror, the device will automatically display the three-dimensional image after trying on the new clothes.

In the future, face technology will be applied to more fields. In the future, you dont need to bring cash and card when you go out. You can just use your face to eat, consume, ride in the car and so on.


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