Need to find a touch screen solution for your medical self-service inquiry kiosk

medical self-service inquiry kiosk

Now with the continuous development of technology and technology, the social renewal rate is fast. In just a few years, we will find that more and more intelligent products are appearing around us, which are constantly changing our lives and daily habits. It is like a hospital. Everyone is familiar with it. It has always been crowded with people, especially now that the standard of living has improved, from the previous awareness of food and clothing to the current awareness of health. Whether it is a big or small illness, a cold, or an annual physical checkup, I will go to the hospital. At this time, the hospital has become the busiest place. In order to alleviate the pressure caused by the large flow of people, more and more hospitals have begun to introduce self-service touch inquiry kiosks, which greatly eases the pressure of patients in queuing and improves the efficiency of medical treatment.


Under the current situation of an aging population, self-service inquiry kiosks have entered the medical industry, providing comprehensive solutions for outpatient clinics of hospitals across the country, alleviating the flow of people and reducing the pressure of medical treatment. I think in the past, when people thought of going to the hospital or registering to see a doctor, they would have to queue for a long time. Some people might not be able to do so because they found it very troublesome. However, with the self-service touch inquiry integrated machine, the medical staff can directly register on the touch device through ID card, medical card, health card, and can also inquire medical files, expense list, self-print inspection report, and self-payment. It is very simple to solve all kinds of problems such as registration, payment and so on, which is very convenient. In addition, the all-in-one query machine can also provide hospital map guidance, display hospital information, outpatient rooms of various departments, and doctor information to facilitate patients' medical treatment and simplify the process of medical treatment. In the waiting area, you can also broadcast some daily protection knowledge, entertainment information, etc., to reduce the anxiety of patients and the boredom of waiting. On the other hand, it also reduces the pressure on medical staff. Instead of so many medical staff handling everything for the patient, it can be done directly on the self-checking machine.

Since the emergence of the self-service inquiry kiosk, it has attracted the attention of the medical industry. It has solved many thorny problems for the hospital and provided convenient, fast and comfortable medical services to the patients. It is well received and loved by the majority of patients.

We can provide customized touch screen solutions for medical self-service inquiry kiosks. The maximum size we can achieve is 65 inches. Do you need it? contact us!


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