What Are The Principles, Characteristics And Applications Of Multimedia Touch Panel Technology?

The Development Of Multimedia Touch Panel Technology

With the increasing use of computers as information sources. Multimedia touch panel technology have many advantages such as easy to use, sturdy and durable, fast response, and space saving. Makes system designers increasingly feel that the use of touch screens does have considerable advantages.

Touch screen query technology has only appeared in China for a short time, and this new multimedia device is awaiting consensus. From the perspective of the popularization of touch screens in developed countries and the equipment that has transformed multimedia information or control systems in my country. Touch screen technology gives a new look to the multimedia query system. It is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device.

The use of touch screen query technology is an indispensable device for computers in various application fields. It greatly simplifies the use of computers, even if you don’t know anything about computers. It can also make multimedia computers show great charm at their fingertips.

Touch Panel Technology

The Principle Of Touch Panel Technology

There are three main types of touch screens: resistive technology touch screens, surface acoustic wave technology touch screens, and capacitive technology touch screens. What's more,each type of touch screen has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1.Resistive Touch Screen

It is mainly a resistive film screen that fits well with the surface of the display. It uses a glass or hard plastic plate as the base layer. Also the surface is coated with a transparent oxide metal conductive layer, and it is covered with a layer of hardened outer surface, smooth and scratch-resistant plastic. The inner surface of the layer also has a coating, and there are many small transparent isolation points between them to isolate the two conductive layers.

When a finger touches the screen, the two conductive layers are in contact at the touch point, and then act according to the way of simulating a mouse. This is the most basic principle of the resistive technology touch screen. Moreover ,the resistive technology touch screen occupies a large market with stable quality, reliable quality and high adaptability to the environment. Its biggest advantage is that it is not afraid of oil, dust and water.

2.Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen

Surface acoustic wave technology uses sound waves to transmit on the surface of an object. When an object touches the surface, it obstructs the transmission of sound waves, and then simulates the mouse. The surface acoustic wave technology touch screen is suitable for offices, institutions and places with relatively clean environment.

3.Capacitive Touch Screen

Use the human body's current induction to work. Due to the electric field of the human body, the user and the surface of the touch screen form a coupling capacitor, and the controller obtains the position of the touch point through accurate calculation.

Application Range Of Touch Screen

With the development of social informatization and the widespread application of computer networks in life, information query appears in the form of multimedia touch screen query. However,the multimedia touch screen is the simplest, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction. Also and it is easy to communicate. So it solves the problems that cannot be solved by computers in the public information market.

The application of multimedia touch screen in our country is very broad:

  1. Information query on the streets of the city;
  2. Inquiry of medical and health system information;
  3. Information inquiry of exhibition halls, museums, art galleries and libraries;
  4. Information query of hotels, restaurants, and office buildings;
  5. Inquiry of flight and train number information at airports and stations;
  6. Information query of air ticket and train ticket advance sale;
  7. Office, industrial control, military command, electronic games, teaching, real estate pre-sale information query, etc.

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