Application Field Of Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

Advantages Of Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

The Custom Capacitive Touch Panel has many advantages, such as sturdiness and durability, fast response, space saving, and easy communication. Using this technology, people can operate the computer by simply touching the icon or text on the computer screen with their fingers. It makes the human-computer interaction more straightforward. This technology gives multimedia a new look. And is a very attractive new multimedia interactive device. It greatly facilitates users who do not understand computer operations.

Application Range Of Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

The application range of touch screens in our country is very broad. With the development of cities in the direction of informatization and the penetration of computer networks in daily life, the application fields of touch screens will be further expanded. The application range of the touch screen is as follows:


1) Development and production of multimedia touch products, touch screens, touch all-in-one machines, touch screen controllers, handwriting computers, and touch screen central control systems.
2) Touch screen query equipment, bank self-service equipment, fingerprint attendance machine, touch screen digital download machine, touch screen multimedia query software; touch display, touch cabinet, industrial touch screen, industrial flat panel touch computer, industrial control computer.

The touch screen has developed rapidly in recent years. The touch screen multimedia presentation system provides a full range of functions such as image display, business consultation, and information inquiry with its brightly colored pictures, rich multimedia expressions, and simple operation. At present, touch screens have been widely used in the following fields.

Application Field Of Custom Capacitive Touch Panel

1. Shop payment system

The settlement counters of some modern stores use computer interactive terminal equipment, and customers can print out payment slips marked with the name and price of the goods by operating on the touch screen. Merchants can use the video images on the touch screen to promote products on the terminal. And customers can also inquire about the products according to their needs.

2. Financial transactions

In financial transactions, speed and accuracy are two extremely important factors. The use of the touch screen provides users with a means to easily and quickly process information that changes rapidly. The user makes a judgment based on the displayed content, and then touches the screen to complete the decision. Therefore, it allows the user to concentrate on the transaction.

3. Public information inquiry service

Outdoor query terminal is a new type of e-commerce platform and public information platform. So outdoor query terminal is a comprehensive outdoor e-commerce platform system solution that realizes real-time broadband connection and can cover the entire city. The project is based on the fast-developing urban broadband network and the Internet. Moreover it will connect thousands of multimedia terminals scattered across the city's main streets. And other public places into a dynamic public information and e-commerce integrated service center.

Outdoor query terminals include various types of information such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc. Governments and enterprises can release various types of information through query terminals. Through the query terminals, citizens can not only easily query various government information, understand policies and regulations, and clarify handling procedures. It is also possible to grasp information in various aspects . Such as tourism, culture and education, health, and meteorology in time. With the continuous development and improvement of functions, many business functions such as online stock trading will gradually be realized.

The most common applications for public information inquiry are real estate inquiry and sales, postal inquiry and telephone bill inquiry, ticket sales and shipping services. The online real estate information network designed by the American era company provides various real estate information to users through the touch screen information desk located in public places, which facilitates home buyers to understand real-time information, and also provides real estate developers with opportunities to advertise across the country. .

The post office and the telecommunications industry use the touch screen system to provide various inquiries to the public, including postal services, telecommunication services, postal codes and long-distance telephone area codes, and foreign exchange storage services.

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