Advantages And Disadvantages Of Industrial Touch Screen Displays

Advantages Of industrial touch screen Displays

The deepest experience brought to us by industrial touch screen displays is the convenient operation of "what you touch is what you get". We only need to use our fingers to gently press the industrial monitor screen to complete the operation. It can only realize other convenient functions on the touch screen display. For example, image processing, you can do graffiti and drawing as you like, just like drawing with a pen.


A series of operations that a traditional computer requires the cooperation of a keyboard and a mouse. In industrial touch screen displays, it often only require a single swipe. Because of the convenience requirements and environmental constraints in the office and production fields. Touch technology has realized the direct conversion of physical touch operations into digital codes. So this makes industrial touch-screen displays have an extremely wide range of applications.


Using screen touch to replace key input has improved the limitations of the keyboard and mouse in the working environment, making it possible to configure computers in medical, production and office, public utilities and other places, and to apply Internet technology, becoming an indispensable tool for modern life.

Disadvantages Of industrial touch screen Display

As a human-computer interaction interface, the most criticized industrial touch screen display is probably its "lack of real operating feel", lack of synchronized feedback for typing actions like a keyboard, and lack of steadiness to repeat the confirmation operation during the movement of the mouse cursor. feel. The best solution to this problem is of course the small screen mobile phone. With the advantage of its small size, the mobile phone can provide vibration and sound feedback to the user after receiving the touch signal. But in other application areas, the volume of the touch screen display cannot be made as small as a mobile phone. And it is not suitable to be held in the palm of the hand. As a result, the problem of lack of real operation feel has become a big problem for designers.


 In today's daily life, convenient and practical industrial touch screen displays have become an indispensable part. With the continuous development and optimization of touch technology. The advantages of touch screen displays have been continuously tape. So we believe that it will gradually improve the shortcomings.

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