What Are The 8 Advantages Of Capacitive touch Panel?

With the development of science and technology, we have entered the 5G era. Now a variety of capacitive touch screen products appear in front of us. So customers may be confused when choosing. So today we will discuss what are the eight advantages of capacitive touch panel?

What Are The 8 Advantages Of Capacitive touch Panel?


1. No Need To Press The Capacitive Touch Panel To Generate A Signal

The working principle of the capacitive touch panel is to use the capacitance of the human body and touch to generate a current. Then you can make the touch screen work. It is not like a resistive touch screen that requires a hard press to touch the screen. So you only need to touch the capacitive touch screen lightly, and the signal can be generated without pressing.

2. Automatic Calibration

You only need to install a capacitive touch screen, it can automatically recognize the system and then automatically calibrate. The resistive touch process requires routine corrections. So if you are using a capacitive touch panel, you do not need to ask the manufacturer for calibration information. Because it can be calibrated automatically.

3. The Capacitive Touch Panel has A Long Life

Because the components in the capacitive touch screen do not need to move. Therefore, the life of the capacitor solution is longer. In resistive touch screens, the upper ITO film needs to be thin enough to be flexible. It can be bent downward to make contact with the underlying ITO film.

4. Low Light Loss And System Power Consumption

capacitive touch screen technology is superior to resistive technology in terms of light loss and system power consumption. So if you want low optical loss and system power consumption. capacitive touch screen is your best choice.

5. Choice Of Technology

The choice of capacitive technology or resistive technology mainly depends on the object of the touch screen. If the finger touches, the capacitive touch screen is a better choice. So if you need a stylus, whether it is plastic or metal. Resistive touch screens can do the job. The capacitive touch screen display can also use a stylus, but it needs a special stylus to match.

6. Many Sizes

Surface-type capacitive touch screens can be used for large-size touch screens. The phase ratio is also low, but gesture recognition is not supported. Inductive capacitive type is mainly used for small and medium-sized touch screens, which can support gesture recognition.

7. Low Maintenance Cost

capacitive touch screen technology has the advantages of wear resistance, long life, low maintenance cost, etc., which can further reduce the overall operating cost of manufacturers.

8. Support Multi-touch

The capacitive touch screen supports multi-touch technology. Unlike resistive touch screens, it is slow and difficult to wear.

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