What Are The Achievements Of Touchscreens Technology?

Touch screens are very common nowadays. why? Because we can often see touch screens in these places. For example, outside office buildings, airports, train stations, and shopping malls. Moreover, we even can see some stores will install these touch screens. Use these touch screens to display important information on it. For example,like the train you need to take at the train station, or the waiting window. The touch screen can be displayed well. Passengers don't have to worry about missed flights. Because we can upate the touch screen in real time! Today ,let us talk about what are the achievements of touchscreens technology?

Touch Screen Has Achieved Different Technology Combinations

The touch screen is not a new concept. Since the introduction of multimedia devices to the iphone, touch screen technology has become extremely popular and has benefited from a large number of innovations. We use the previous touch screen to replace the keyboard and mouse, and today they convey a new kind of operating experience. With more interaction between users and installations, this new "touch" experience has been achieved with different combinations of technologies.

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The New Era Of Interactive Advertising Use touchscreens Technology

Interactive multimedia touch technology opens a new era of interactive advertising. Maybe advertising has grown up with many people when they were born in this world. No matter what kind of space we are in. Advertising information is always pervasive. We can often see the digital signage advertising machines in public spaces.Such as shopping malls, cinemas, airports and restaurants. But they all just publish information mechanically. It cannot provide consumers with an interactive experience to meet personalized information needs. With the continuous innovation and application of interactive multimedia technology. Interactive multimedia technology is gradually integrated with advertising. The interactive advertising model is about to emerge. Interactive advertising uses traditional advertising information through interactive multimedia virtual dynamic interactive forms. However,It can bring the delivery of advertisements and consumer needs to meet in both directions in the interactive space.

The Development Of touchscreens Technology

The function development of the touch screen is from simple to complex. The original product only supports the simplest control. Just touch a point on the screen with a finger to control it. In the past, we could only control it through the mechanical buttons around the screen. On this basis, the single-point touch screen has achieved a great improvement in the user interface. This screen brings two major benefits to the user interface. The one is , we can optimaize the equipment design space. It is particularly conducive to small equipment. Because it can "install" screens and buttons in the same area at the same time. The other one is we can bound the button to any application in the operating system, the number of "buttons" used by the device can reach an unlimited number.

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