Why Capacitive Touch Screens Are Becoming Wider And Wider In The Market?

With the development of this industry in the market getting better and better. Because the product itself has great value. There will be current development. The touch screen is the same. So Why capacitive touch screens Are Becoming Wider And Wider In The Market?

The Reasons of Capacitive Touch Screens Are Becoming Wider And Wider In The Market


1)Capacitive Touch Screens Belong the Energy Saving Product

The country strives to promote the long-term development of environmental protection and energy saving products.The touch screen reduces light pollution while reducing energy consumption. The projector has very demanding requirements for light. Excessive ambient light will directly affect the performance of the product. The touch screen solves this problem very well. It is not interfered by external light. Moreover, it will not encounter light like ordinary electronic whiteboards. When it is dark, it is difficult to see, or the light is reflect.

2)The Capacitive Touch Screens Is ACombination

Eliminates cumbersome things such as projectors, projection screens, speakers, controllers, and cumbersome connection adjustments. It also avoids the inconvenience that the ordinary electronic whiteboard will affect the image effect when the light of the projector is blocked. In this era of ever-increasing pace of life, convenience is efficiency.

3)Various Sizes Of Touch Screens Are Available

The size of touch screens is increasing. Can be free of size constraints, rich choices. Performance is getting higher and higher. It has many advantages such as waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, multi-touch support, and smooth writing.

4)Meet The Requirements Of The Times

Touch screen products also cater to the requirements of the times, adding safety weights to health and environmental protection. In this "people-oriented" era, users are paying more and more attention. It is more of its own health and environmental protection issues.

5)The Design Of The Touch Screen Is Diversified

Users can choose according to their needs. The multi-touch unit is suitable for various scenes such as recording, playing and live broadcasting. The system supports a variety of media content input sources. Including the media resources (pictures, animations, videos, etc.) stored on the hard disk. And live video input and output (the live video stream can be integrated into the host system through the SDI adapter).

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