What Are The "Five Taboos" Of Touch Screen Panel Capacitive ?

Touch screen is also called "touch screen" or "touch panel". It is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as contacts. When the graphic buttons on the screen are touched. The tactile feedback system on the screen can drive various connected devices according to pre-programmed programs. We can use it to replace the mechanical button panel. And through the liquid crystal display screen to create dynamic audio and video effects. Many industrial equipment now also use touch screen panel capacitive. Do you know what are the "five taboos" of touch screen panel capacitive?


First of all, we must first understand

The Maintenance Methods And Precautions Of The Touch Screen Panel Capacitive:

1.Afraid Of Static Electricity

The extremely unstable factor of static electricity can easily break down the capacitive screen. Although the surface of current capacitive touch screens will be treated with a layer of anti-static treatment. But it does not mean that it can withstand the instantaneous voltage caused by the static electricity of the human body. And many people like to paste a low-quality screen protection film that is prone to static electricity. It increases the probability of static electricity.

2.Afraid Of Conductive Media Such As Oil And Sweat

Conductive media such as grease and sweat will form a conductive layer when covered on the screen. This causes the screen to drift. So I usually sweat after washing my hands or palms. It should be wiped dry before touching the industrial touch screen.

3.Afraid Of High Temperature To Touch Screen Panel Capacitive 

The "high" temperature here is not to use fire to bake. But to reach a temperature of about 40 degrees. It may cause the capacitive touch screen to drift. At this temperature for a long time, the capacitive touch screen will not work. Do not sunbathe, and do not use it for a long time in the hot sun. Long-term use will also cause the machine to become hot. If your machine encounters a high temperature situation. The best way is to suspend it for a period of time and then restart it.

4.Fear Of Magnetic Fields

Put a small magnet on the screen, and you will soon find that the capacitive touch screen is temporarily malfunctioning. Over time, it will cause permanent failure. So try to avoid getting close to objects with strong magnetic fields.

5.Fear Of Unstable Voltage

The working principle of the capacitive touch screen is just that. When the finger touches the capacitive screen, it will take away the current on the screen. The screen will evenly deliver an equal current from the four corners to fill the position pressed by the finger. And use this to do positioning. Therefore, in the case of unstable transmission voltage, the effect of drift will appear. Try to wait for the power transmission voltage to stabilize before using the touch screen.

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