How To Test PCAP Touch Screen kit?

How To Test PCAP Touch Screen kit?

1.Component Integrity

A complete set of touch screen products must include the PCAP touch screen kit, controller, and drive disk. There are also (floppy disk or CD-ROM), operating instructions, and accessories necessary for installing the touch screen. (Such as double-sided tape, dust-proof strips, connecting cables, etc.). When purchasing a touch screen, first check whether these parts are complete.

2.BrandOf PCAP Touch Screen Kit


(1) Purchase Warning:

In the contract, invoice, and receipt for the purchase of touch screens, please note that the merchant is required to indicate the type and product of the touch screen purchased. Such as five-wire resistive screen, surface acoustic wave screen and so on. Otherwise, some unscrupulous merchants will be shoddy or fake.

(2) Consistency Test:

Check whether the trademarks on the driver disk, touch screen body, controller, driver software, instruction manual, packaging and other components are consistent with the manufacturer. If it is inconsistent or has no trademark, it is a counterfeit product, and there cann't guarrantee the product quality and after-sales service.

(3) Drive Software Inspection:

Check whether the brand and manufacturer displayed in the driver software are the same as the brand and manufacturer on the purchased touch screen and software installation instructions. If they are not the same, it is a counterfeit product. In addition, the authenticity of the product can also be tested through the test program provided by the manufacturer. Such as the surface acoustic wave screen of ELOTouch, and run Sawdump.exe (available on the drive disk of ELOTouch and on the website) test program. If it does not work, or some of its functions do not work. Or the test fails, it is a counterfeit ELO product.

(4) Identification Of Pirated Driver Software:

The use of pirated driver software not only touches the system, but also has hidden dangers of instability. There also no  guarantee  of technical support and after-sales service. It may also cause legal issues. Piracy of driver software is generally done by changing the file name and modifying the trademarks in the driver software of other well-known manufacturers. It can be realized with manufacturer information, so it is easy to identify.

3.The Appearance Of The PCAP Touch Screen Kit

For pure glass technology touch screens, there require no bubbles, impurities, indentations and scratches in the visible area of the screen. There are no cracks, bumps, missing corners and other defects on the edge of the screen. The screen line has no scalds or scratches, the surface has no stains, and the line clamps are firm. The transducer solder joints of the sonic touch screen are full, without false soldering, burrs, no scratches on the substrate, and no scald on the base.

For resistive technology touch screens, check whether there are scratches. Because scratches not only affect the touch quality, but may cause the entire touch screen to fail.

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