Compared With Traditional Touch screens, What Are The Advantages Of Capacitive Touch Glass?

When capacitive touch glass were not mass-produced on the market, the general products used resistive touch screens. So today we will talk about the comparison with the traditional resistive touch screen. What are the main advantages of capacitive touch glass?

Advantages Of Capacitive Touch Glass:

1.Operation Is Novel

capacitive touch screen is not like resistive screen, it can support multi-touch. Similar to a large-size capacitive touch screen, it can support a ten-point touch screen. And it is more intuitive and interesting to operate.

2.It Is Not Easy To Touch By Mistake

Because the capacitive touch screen needs to sense the current of the human body. Only the human body can operate it. And if your resistive screen touches something such as a key, it may be touched by mistake. So if you are using a capacitive touch screen, it will not respond when you touch it with other objects. Basically avoid the possibility of accidental touch.


High durability

Compared with resistive touch screens. Capacitive touch screens have better performance in terms of dust resistance, water resistance, and wear resistance.

As the currently popular touch screen technology. Although the capacitive touch screen has the advantages. Such as gorgeous interface, multi-touch, and only sensing the human body. But at the same time, it also has the following shortcomings:

1)The Accuracy Is Not High

Due to technical reasons, the accuracy of capacitive touch screens is still lacking compared to resistive touch screens. Moreover, only fingers can be used for input. And it is difficult to recognize more complicated handwriting input on a small screen.

2)Easily Affected By The Environment

When environmental factors such as temperature and humidity change. It will also cause instability or even drift of the capacitive touch screen. For example, when the user moves his body close to the screen while using it, it may cause drift. Even operating in crowded people can cause drift. This is mainly due to the working principle of capacitive touch screen technology. Although the user's finger is closer to the screen. However, there are many electric fields that are much larger than a finger near the screen. This will affect the judgment of the touch position.

3)High Cost For Capacitive Touch Glass

In addition, the current capacitive touch screen still has certain technical difficulties in the step of attaching the touch panel to the LCD panel. And the yield rate is not high. Therefore, the cost of the capacitive touch screen is also virtually increased.

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