Touch Screen Interface VS. Keyboard And Mouse: Which Is Best?

Today , we  usually control computers by these types: touch screen interface, keyboard, mouse. In the past when touch screens were not as mature as they are now, almost all computers needed keyboards and mice. However, with the development of technology, the touch screen interface has only emerged as an alternative control mechanism in recent years. Nevertheless, when we use computers now, we will use keyboard and mouse to control the computers. There are still many computers that do not have a touch screen interface, but instead require the use of a keyboard and mouse. So, which control mechanism is the best?

 touch screen interface


Compared with space, the touch screen interface is more space-saving than the keyboard and mouse. Because they are embedded in the display device, no additional peripherals are required. If you have a computer with a touch screen interface, even in a small space, you can still use it on your journey. On the other hand, if you are using a keyboard and mouse, you must find a larger space to accommodate these externally connected peripheral devices. Generally we will need to place it on the table.


User Experience Of  Touch Screen Interface

Many people now prefer to use touch screens, such as our mobile phones, self-service equipment, smart homes and so on. So I believe that many people now agree that the touch screen interface provides a better user experience than the keyboard and mouse. The touch screen interface can provide a simple and natural way to control the computer. You only need to tap the touch screen lightly to open the application or program you want. If you want to compose a message, you can type keys on the virtual keyboard. Some people also find it slightly more difficult to use a physical keyboard and mouse. Therefore, the touch screen interface provides a better user experience.


Durability Of The Touch Screen

Touch screen interfaces are generally more durable than keyboards and mice. You can use a good quality touch screen for 5-6 years without any problem, but if it is a keyboard or mouse, you may need to replace it in 1-2 years.

There are many types of touch screen technology, including resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave (SAW), infrared (IR) grid, etc. Although they work in different ways, they are durable.


Most touch screen interfaces are sealed. Generally, it will take the IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating. When it is exposed to dust, dirt or other forms of debris, they will not be damaged. But the keyboard and mouse can't say that. Contaminants can enter these externally connected peripheral devices at any time, causing them to easily malfunction or be damaged.


Response Capability

You can find that when you click on the touch screen interface, it responds faster than the keyboard and mouse. It can quickly respond to the content you click. And with its high level of responsiveness, we all imagine the touch screen interface will reduce how many input errors . They respond to touch commands almost immediately, so you may not accidentally click the same virtual key or icon twice.


In short, touch screen interfaces are becoming more and more popular. Compared with a keyboard and a mouse, it saves more space, provides a good user experience, has a longer life span, and has faster response capabilities. So what do you think you will use to control your computer?


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