Are Capacitive touchscreen Laptops Worth It?

Capacitive touchscreen are becoming more and more popular, and our laptops are no different. In recent years, it has also been very popular. So are capacitive touchscreen laptops worth it? Some people really think it can be very convenient. But for some laptops users, the touch screen can be summarized by the two Chinese words "chicken ribs", it is difficult to find suitable application scenarios for touch. Or the touch screen has no advantage in the combination of keyboard + touchpad (or mouse). So what do you think?

Are Capacitive touchscreen Laptops Worth It?

As the saying goes, "something is better than nothing." For traditional laptops-shaped products, equipped with a capacitive touchscreen means that it can provide users with one more way of interaction. As for "how to use", that is a matter of hardware support. Therefore, all major laptop brands, especially flagship phones, have corresponding versions with touch screens.

If it is not a traditional laptops product, but a convertible or 2-in-1 PC that supports 360-degree flipping, then the touch screen is an indispensable configuration. Because only support for touch can ensure that users can use it normally in various modes.

Many Different Views Of The Capacitive touchscreen Laptops

Of course, if there is a touch screen installed, it will increase the weight of the laptops to a certain extent. But you feel that if it is too heavy and does not meet your requirements, you can choose not to. Everyone's needs are different. How we choose is in our own hands. So it is not enough to call it a slot.

However, I think that for a long time, laptops touch screens have some pain points that have not been resolved, such as the number of software adapted to touch, and software compatibility. For example, in the process of using, after opening multiple software, sometimes I encounter "touch" failure, which directly lowered my evaluation of the touch screen. To solve these problems requires the joint efforts of software developers, system providers, and OEM manufacturers. Therefore, it may take a long time for the touch screen on a laptop to reach the same level as a smartphone screen.

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What Is The Use Of The Capacitive touchscreen Laptops?

Although many notebooks have adopted touch screens, the most familiar touch screen devices are smart phones and tablet computers. In other words, smart phones + tablets have fully "cultivated" the user's habit of using touch operations. Therefore, even if Apple adds touch controls to the MacBook in the future, it will be easy for iPhone and iPad users to accept.  There is another example-Microsoft’s Surface series, from the Surface Pro 2-in-1 computer, to the Surface Book, to the Surface Laptop and Surface Studio. Both laptop and desktops (all-in-one) support touch. For users who control the operation, the experience will still have continuity after changing the device with the scene.

So in addition to “have to” use the touch screen, what are the different experiences with adding a touch screen to traditional laptop products? Here are a few application scenarios in which I think touch screens are more useful.

1.Browse Web Pages, Documents

It is relatively easy for us to use the mouse wheel when scanning web pages and documents. But if the touchpad of the laptop does not support gesture operations (or the touchpad feels bad). Then it will be more painful in many cases. Therefore, an important application scenario of the touch screen is that it is more convenient to operate when browsing the long pages of information aggregation such as web pages. And it can be reached with one stroke (the same way as the current browsing information on the mobile terminal)! The same touch operation is watching the video Additional interaction methods can also be provided in other scenarios.

2.Double The Experience When Space Is Limited

If you are in economy class when you are flying, you may feel cramped when using a laptop (especially when using a touchpad). And your arms are uncomfortable.  But at this time, if the laptop supports touch control, it is very convenient to select programs and read content by sliding the screen.

3.Show Content To Others

As laptop become thinner and lighter, even touch-enabled devices still have excellent portability. So they do not hinder users from mobile office use. At the same time, for users such as sales, planning, design, etc..  when displaying content and introducing solutions to customers through the touch screen, the playback/switching content is more convenient and intuitive.And it is convenient for multiple people to browse and communicate.

4.With Stylus, Creation Is More Flexible

Although there are not many smart phones that support stylus products, there are plenty of tablet and PCs can support with stylus pens.  Although for most users, the stylus is more focused on recording. But with the rich content ecology, the stylus can become an "efficient tool" in the hands of content creatorse. Especially in education and design scenarios , Quite useful.

In addition to the above aspects, there are many applicable scenarios for touch screens. And more application scenarios will continue to be enriched as the system is adapted and compatible. If Apple really launches a MacBook with a touch screen, then in terms of content ecology. What's more,it may enter a stage of rapid development. This is good news for all laptop users, especially those who are willing to use touch.

So I think it’s worthwhile to install a touch screen on a laptop. I think I am looking forward to it. Because it will be very convenient for us to use. What do you think?

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