Projected Capacitive Touch Screen You Want To Know

Now capacitive touch screen technology is more popular among people. Research shows that more than nine out of ten touch screens produced and shipped worldwide are capacitive touch screens. In fact, there are several types of touch screens, but now capacitive touch screens are one of the more popular ones. To better understand the projected capacitive touch screen, please continue reading.


What is a projected capacitive touch screen?

The projected capacitive touch screen is a capacitive touch screen device, which is more accurate and sensitive than other capacitive touch screens. It uses the current induction of the human body to work. There have a layer of transparent special metal conductive material on the surface of the glass.  When touch pane touch a conductive object, it will change the capacitance of the contact so that the touch screen can detect the touched position .

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Advantages of projected capacitive touch screen

Accurate touch position

Why choose PCAP? Because you only need to touch the touch screen interface lightly to realize the touch function. There is no need to press hard with your fingers, because it does not work like a resistive screen using pressing pressure. It is the working principle of using human body current to form an electric field to trigger touch commands. Therefore, it is very accurate and can determine the position of the touch command more accurately than other touch screens.


Durable and long life

Generally, the PCAP Touch screen is very durable and has a long life. Especially compared with other types of touch screens (such as resistive touch screens), the service life is longer. This is because the PCAP, like all capacitive touch screens, does not have moving parts. They use non-mechanical methods of operation that involve electrostatic fields. Therefore, executing touch commands will not wear out the PCAP Touch screen.


Don’t suffer from ghost touch commands

The projected capacitive touch screen will not be affected by ghost touch commands. For example, a resistive screen, if you put the key and the resistive screen together, ghost touches may appear. But the projected capacitive screen is different. It needs to be touched by a conductive object to realize the touch command. so. Generally,PCAP  will not be affected by such ghost touch commands.


Clear image

The projected capacitive touch screen also provides excellent image clarity. Because the top layer generally use the glass cover. The light transmittance will be better. The back of the projected capacitive touch screen is a backlight system that illuminates the pixels. With the help of the glass layer, the image looks clearer and more delicate.


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