How The Custom Capacitive Touchscreens On The All-in-one Machine Will Change Life And Create Value

How The Custom Capacitive touchscreens On The All-in-one Machine Will Change Life And Create Value

With the advancement of technology, the application of smart products has become popular. From the mall to the school, the touch screen application on the all-in-one seems to have quietly entered everyone's eyes. In fact, we all know his existence. However, how will the custom capacitive touchscreens on the all-in-one machine change life and create value?

1.The Custom Capacitive touchscreen Has Powerful Query Function On The All-in-one Machine

For example, an organization covers an area of 6000 square meters and is divided into many parts. In a different place, just go now. You can know the current location on the inquiry machine by clicking on the touch screen. The parts to go are scattered with directions and walking routes. Corresponding part of the working hours and business scope. Like a middle-sized shopping mall, there are many commodities for sale. But for a customer, he wants to know where the goods are needed.

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For example, we can check on the all-in-one machine through the touch screen application to know if there are any needed products in the mall. If so, put it on how many floors and rows, what quotation and the place of delivery of the goods, the time of storage, and the amount of inventory. Such as a new land product, completely listed. When we implement, we often show the following samples. If you are in a different place, what to show thoroughly. Sometimes it's extremely inconvenient. Is there any way to change it? The answer is to use the touch screen application on the all-in-one machine.


2.The Touch Screen Application Is Powerful In Monitoring Functions On The All-in-one machine

Click on the touch screen to query on the all-in-one machine. The members of the community easily know the dynamics and new things of the community, and the activities of the community. You can also inquire about the intention of the pipe network, and publish the results and tasks of the management. Be with everyone in the community at any time. At the same time, the touch screen application on the all-in-one machine can customize the functions required for security monitoring such as cameras. Reflects the powerful supervisory function.

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